Silhouettes And Rainbows
Credit: Daniel Parks (cc)

The aura is an electromagnetic field surrounding living beings. It's quite large (several miles long in some adepts) and typically rubs against the auras of complete strangers in the “modern” age's sardine-can apartment-type setups. The halos seen around the heads of mystics are a part of the aura body. It is said to be three-dimensional, composing at least the physical, etheric and astral body. The larger and brighter an aura is, the more energy it has to repel or resist being overtaken by energy drains of various types.

How To Keep it Healthy

Avoiding overly-processed foods, chemical toxins, drug and alcohol abuse, and anything your inner voice tugs at you to stop doing is essential to the health of your protective aura. With the aura in a healthy, functioning position, you and everything physical that is a manifestation of your thought condition is protected. But, stress erodes our protections and lowers our resistance to invasion. Invasion of the aura can take many forms, none of them fun. Spending time visualizing violet light cleansing the aura periodically will help to keep contaminants at bay and aid the mind in maintaining a positive state.

How To Heal A Damaged Aura

In alternative healing, everything is connected. By healing one aspect of the self, all associated aspects are likewise brought into balance. The first step to balancing the aura is identifying the aspect and layer of it that's taken a hit. Damage that's passed thorough all three of the known layers could pose a bit of a problem that has been seen in premature cases of kundalini-rising (a passing up the chakric column of the fiery base power that mostly lays dormant in the root chakra.

A popular belief in the healing community rests on the foundation of releasing blockages to restore the flow of energy throughout the auric bodies. The aura is the “spiritual skin” of the subtle and physical body, however, and healing actual tears or rips in the aura can require an additional regenerative focus. For rips, Reiki is an alternative that may be of assistance in healing the aura energetically so it can regenerate itself.

Another effective remedy lays in the realm of the visualizing or imaging (imagining) eye. Locating the rip and visualizing etheric/astral stitches can be a potent remedy for an extremely serious affliction. Gold stitches or threads of a dynamic color (lower chakric: red, orange, yellow) can help to fend off any unwanted vibrational interference while the sitches heal. In the world of subtle body, your ability to use intent and image is everything – quite the opposite of the sterile “reality” painted by the herders of the unquestioning masses.

Can I Learn To See Auras Like Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce, likely a master, boddhisattva, starseed, or all of the above, saw auras for as long as he could remember. It's said he considered them the “weathervane” of the soul that revealed the way the winds of destiny were blowing. When he would encounter someone without an aura, they generally transitioned (died) shortly thereafter (confirming the connection of auras and lifeforce).
His story is a fascinating one and definitely something you should read if you find him inspirational. It's said the ability to see auras is something that's restored rather than developed, though.

Intent is often the force employed in the process of restoring visual awareness of the auric body. The process involves learning to relax your eyes to reopen your visual capacity. Working with the third eye chakra will also be useful. Even seeing with the “mind's eye” produces accurate results before you awaken the ability of physical eyes to identify auric colors. Your mind's eye will pick up auric information through imagining that can be confirmed by a Kirlian camera.

Focus on a friend's aura, and write down the colors that you see in your mind's eye before a visit with a Kirlian photographer (local holistic fairs are sure to have at least one in attendance). Confirm with a photo taken from the camera's physical lense what you saw with your internal one. It's an eye-opening exercise that will help you break past any previous disbelie.

Through practice, you will develop your subtle talents. Intention shapes every single thing in our reality.