Explaining The Meta

In the beginning of Yugioh, there weren't many different decks out there, almost every deck had similar properties. As Yugioh has grown with age, so has the gameplay and the cards. There aren't many cards from the good ol days that are still playable today.

With the release of many new cards and deck types the requirement of a forbidden list has held the game in check, not allowing too powerful cards or decks to dominate duels. Though even with the Forbidden list available people still find a way to make decks powerful enough to win in one turn, or seize enough advantage to win in the next turn.

The Meta

These decks that dominate the game are defined by "Meta" meaning what decks are being played the most in current duels, or just simply "Deck Trends". Meta decks are usually very powerful decks because of their ability to win duels, which is why they are highly used.

The Anti-Meta

Anti-Meta is self explanatory, it means a type of deck that is counter to current deck trends.

Many duelists that don't like the direction Yugioh is headed will usually play Anti-Meta to disrupt Meta duelists. Also, it is usually a lot cheaper to play Anti-Meta decks considering that most Meta decks can range from 200-500$, sometimes more.....which is insane. I guess the Anti-Meta player feels satisfaction when playing with a deck that probably costs 70$ or less and completely dominates a Meta duelist with a deck that is usually triple the price. I know I would feel some gratification there.

The Problem

Because of the Meta decks that are possible these days, ofttimes duelists cannot use decks they would normally use in tournaments, simply because the Meta is far superior. In my opinion it sort of limits the game of Yugioh, making it dull. If there are only 3 competitive types of decks, don't you think that tournaments would become stale or boring to some degree? I believe the fun of Yugioh lies within creating new deck ideas and deck types. But because of the meta, most of your beloved cards won't be effective in a duel.

The solution?

To be honest, there is no real solution. People like winning, and if that means paying loads of money for the best deck so be it. Just know that as long as there is a Meta, there will be a Anti-Meta to go along with it. If it were up to me, I would never let the game go as fast as it does, I would ban whatever cards necessary to slow down certain decks to make all others competitive. I would love if all deck types had some type of support and could go up against any other deck, but that is asking too much. And it is a very hard thing to decide what card to ban to make decks more equal in terms of support/power. There is intense debates on what should go to the ban list and what shouldn't on many forums. The card Heavy Storm is no stranger to heated discussions regarding its placement on/off the banlist.


So long as people are making money in Yugioh, and the players don't mind spending too much nothing will happen. Plus, some people really enjoy the current state of Yugioh and believe it to be fun. It really is nice to buy a booster pack and pull a 100$ card.....Can they fix Yugioh? Do they need too? Only the player base can decide.


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