The Necessity of Website Promotion

Getting Your Content Is Only the Beginning...

For website marketers (bloggers who’ve built websites, written content for them and assembled affiliates if they wish) who are interested in gaining visibility for their weblogs, the next step they need to take is called off-page optimization. It doesn’t matter how world-changing your on-page content is; if you don’t initiate a program to build backlinks to it, such as article marketing and banner advertisements, then it will remain buried in the distant latter pages of Google’s search engine results, where no one will ever see it.  As a result; after you've spent all the time necessary to lovingly craft your weblog, take care not to rest on your laurels just yet, for now you've got to get visitors!

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Article Marketing - Understanding HTML Tags

Follow You, Follow Me...

No matter what method you use; the pertinent aspect of them that are crucial is the backlinks they provide to your site. For a banner ad, you almost always have to pay the website owner in order for her to allow you to place one onsite. Usually; dofollow html tags are applied to it; which is a directive to the search engine spiders that read all the information on a website to determine the ranking in the results pages. Additionally, the people who land on the page will see it, and a certain statistical amount will click on the banner and follow it back to your service or product.

Commenting on weblogs is yet another popular means by which to rack up backlinks. Just like banner ads and article marketing (to be talked about later), you can get traffic from both people clicking on your link and the search engine pushing your site up in the rankings. However, the second part of these attributes is very important, because it isn’t always true that the comments you leave will raise your site profile according to the search engines. The site owner can apply the nofollow tag; as opposed to the affirmative dofollow tag, to the blog comments and tell the search spiders that, while they can crawl the site, they shouldn’t give it search credit. In this way, blog commenting may be a bit disadvantaged compared to banner ads, although the fact that it is free to comment offsets this advantage a lot in the eyes of the beginning blogger with a limited budget.

Article Marketing Strategy - Tools for SEO Success

An Article Marketing Method

Never Do Battle Without a Strategy...

The final popular method of backlink creation is article marketing. It combines all the best attributes of the former two methods mentioned above, and none of their weaknesses. The backlinks are dofollow in most article directories by far, thereby guaranteeing both kinds of traffic – human and search spiders.  Article marketing puts the future of your website squarely in your hands, for the most part.  It is important to have an article marketing strategy for maximum efficiency; for example, you might consider treating one of your short and sweet blog posts as actually several hours' work, and immeditaely write five articles centered on each post for marketing purposes.  For good competition keywords and niches, it might take ten times that many to eventually rank where you wish, and gain the kind of traffic you only previously dreamed of!