Everyone has their own preference for barbecue, gas  or charcoal grilling. Both methods of cooking your meat on the open fire on a hot summer afternoon have their advantages. Any one will tell you there is a difference and most people have a preference for which one they enjoy more.

Advantages for each vary from and include the actual  taste of the meat cooked on which grill. This article outlines some advantages of cooking on each type of grill.


Gas grilling


  1. Even flames under the meat

Gas grills provide an even flame for your meat. You don’t have hot spots and cooler spots. Overall the flame or fire under your meat remains even. Flames under the charcoal grills are uneven depending on how hot each piece of charcoal is. 


  1. Consistent flames

Your flame is consistent as long as you have propane in your tank. The flame doesn’t extinguish until you actually turn it off.  Charcoal grills have flames that can spark and cook unevenly.


  1. Cleaning up after grilling

Clean up for gas grilling is much faster and can be achieved with less time than with your charcoal counter part.


  1. Starting the grill

Starting a gas grill takes little if any effort. Basically what you do is assure you have propane in your fill tank and turn on the tank to light the grill. Charcoal grills can take up to a half hour to get your coals hot enough to cook on


  1. Monitor the food stuffs

You can easily monitor your cooking. Whatever you happen to have on the grill you can have the temperature remain even and steady and with little or no monitoring once you have established the temperature you would like on your grill.


Disadvantages of a gas grill-

The basic disadvantage of a gas grill is missing the charcoal or smoked flavor that many desire from cooking over an open flame. Not only can you cook with charcoal on a charcoal grill but you can also smoke food by cooking with wood on a charcoal grill.


Charcoal grill


  1. Flavor

A smoked flavor and taste to your food can be detected when cooking with a charcoal grill.


  1. Fuel

The fuel source for a charcoal grill doesn’t require any type of special handling. However, for gas grills, you need to store and maintain propane with care because it is extremely combustible.


  1. Cost

Charcoal grills cost only a small percentage of what you will spend on a gas grill. Gas grills are the cheaper type of grill in costs of the overall grill as well as the fuel. Fuel for the charcoal grill per grill is cheaper also

Disadvantages of a charcoal grill-

All agree it’s the cleanup. The ash that deposits at the bottom of the grill each time you use it along with the splatter and pop that can come with the grease from your meat hitting the fire red coals belong the screen.

Along with the advantages of both of these types of grills are disadvantages for each. Of course this goes along with which type of tomatoes you enjoy in your salad. A tomato is a tomato but many will advise you that they are all different and can make or break a salad. What type of grill you cook your meat on can make or break your meal.