Bio-Oil is marketed as an effective treatment for stretch marks, scars (like those caused by acne) and the improvement of uneven skin tone. It may also have skin anti-aging benefits. It has become the best selling product for scar and stretch mark treatment in eleven countries since it became available globally in 2002. Bio-Oil has also won 81 skincare awards in this time. So, what is Bio-Oil, how does it work, and how effective is it in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars and aging skin?

Main Active Ingredients in Bio-Oil:

Bio-Oil is composed of many different ingredients that are generally good for skin health. The Bio-Oil formula contains plant extracts and vitamins in an oil base. It includes Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil as well as types of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. The main ingredient that makes Bio-Oil different from other stretch mark, scar and anti-aging skin treatments, however, is called Purcellin Oil (TM).

How does Bio-Oil Work?

Bio-Oil's anti-scarring and skin health properties come largely from its plant extract and vitamin content. However, the manufacturers claim that Bio-Oil is unique in that the Purcellin Oil (TM) that it contains ensures easy absorption of the goodness from these other active ingredients.

How Can Bio-Oil Be Used?

Bio-Oil is used topically and most people massage it straight into the skin where they have a problem with stretch marks, scarring, want to improve their general skin health and skin tone, or reduce the signs of aging. It should be used twice a day and the problem area should be washed and dried prior to use.

Bio-Oil is also sometimes used as an ingredient in herbal body wrap solutions.

How Effective is Bio-Oil for Stretch Marks, Scar Removal and Anti-aging Skincare?

Lots of Bio-Oil users report having had good results. Any reduction in the appearance of stretch marks and scars is likely to take at least 2 weeks and up to 3 months before becoming visibly noticable, however.

Stretch marks and scar removal, or reduction, is more easily achieved with prompt treatment. So, people using it to treat newer stretch marks and other fresh scar tissue are likely to have better and faster results.

Not only the age of the scar tissue being treated, but the quantity of it, will also make a difference to how effective Bio-Oil is at removing, or reducing, their appearance. It is recommended particularly for use on scars caused by acne and stretch marks, for instance, but it's efficacy on more problematic scarring will probably not be so good. It may, however, help to reduce its appearance over time.

Lots of people have reported being able to reduce the signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, using Bio-Oil.  Bio-Oil's regenerative properties help to counteract the loss of elasticity in our skin which happens to as we get older. Its benefits on general skin health, moisturizing qualities and assistance with improving overall skin tone can also help to reduce the effects of skin aging. Again, however, the results will vary from person to person, depending on how severe the lines and wrinkles are, how long we've had them and other factors. However, Bio-Oil does seem to have some potential benefit in this regard. Bio-Oil should be applied before other moisturizers (you may find you don't need to use one after applying Bio-Oil) so that its ingredients can effectively penetrate your skin.

While Bio-Oil is not a miracle solution to stretch marks, scarring and aging skin, it has been found to be effective by many people. The fact that it is the top-selling topical treatment for these problems in eleven countries indicate the level of customer satisfaction. Also, the accolades and awards it has received speak volumes.

Bio-Oil is also the anti-scar and stretch mark product most recommended by pharmacists, doctors, and midwives.

Is Bio-Oil Safe to Use?

Bio-Oil has been tested for safety according to European Parliament regulations and those of the Council on Cosmetic Products. It has been found to be safe for daily use (including use by pregnant women).

Is Bio-Oil Cruelty-Free?

The Bio-Oil company belongs to the Beauty Without Cruelty International organization.


How effective Bio-Oil is in treating stretch marks, scars and skin aging can't be definitively proven, although anecdotal evidence, the accolades and awards it has received, along with it's popularity among consumers and medical experts would suggest that it is certainly one of the better options (not involving medical intervention) to try when tackling these problems.








Bio-Oil Can Help to Remove, or Reduce the Appearance of, Stretch Marks Caused by Pregnancy