Learn 3d Modeling with Blender

The Blender 3d program is an open source software that is a GNU General Public License program. It gives users the tools needed to create 3d models that can be animated. You can use the program without any cost. For those who are new to 3d modeling and animation it is an opportunity to learn 3d modeling at your own pace. With Blender you can create stunning 3d models, 2d and 3d images, animations, movies and much more.

Compared to many other 3d modeling software Blender's latest version 2.6 is user-friendly, yet it is powerful and loaded with tools. The new interface makes learning to create 3d models and animations easier than ever. Prior versions were hard to learn due to the complex interface. Blender uses many shortcut keys to navigate unlike many point and click programs. However, the newest version has many buttons and drop down menus that users can simply mouse over and click.

The most commonly used short-cuts are easy to remember.  The commands that are used often are located on the left side of the QWERTY style keyboard, so users can work comfortably with one hand on the keyboard and the other controlling the mouse.

After downloading and installing Blender getting started may be confusing to the complete newbie, but there are many tutorials for Blender available online to make the learning experience simple. It is highly recommended that new users check out a few of the free 3d tutorials for Blender. Do not let yourself get frustrated by trying to figure things out blindly, this will only make you want to give up.

Blender has many commands and tools, this can make navigating and learning how to use Blender time-consuming and counter-productive. 3D modeling and animation requires some basic knowledge, and a fundamental understanding of working in a 3d environment.

What Can I Learn With Blender 3d 

Well, you can learn basic mesh modeling, animating, rigging, textures, rendering, lighting, UV unwrapping and mapping, curves, NURBS and now you can even add sound to your 3d creations. You can use this free program to make short movies, and Blender has a game engine. If you have dreamed of learning 3d modeling and animation this is the program for you, but the first step to learning how to use Blender effectively is to watch video tutorials, read Blender's manual or browse the Blender tutorials on its website.

Why Should I Use Blender

When you download and learn how to use Blender you get an awesome 3d program absolutely free. As an added benefit, you become a part of the world-wide Blender community that is helpful and growing. Open source software programs are gaining popularity. In my opinion, Blender 3d software is one of the best free 3d modeling programs available. All you invest is your time.