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To attract traffic and possibly earn revenue they look for different ways such as blog giveaway listings. Now not all of us know and understand how these works, so this article will help those people who don’t understand blog giveaway directories the idea on how this work.

Blog giveaway listings are very popular. The giveaway concept is for people to go to a certain post about a certain item or product that is given away for free. The only thing people have to do is comment or do some other things to qualify like following a blog or like somebody on Facebook, and the prize goes to the lucky comment that was chosen. Basically there are 2 methods of giveaways; giveaways on somebody’s blog or giveaways on your own blog.

Why do Blog Giveaways?
Blog giveaways listings or any blog contests have a lot of benefits for those who run the blog site. The only negative side is that the person has to put up a prize. Let me share to you the reasons why many bloggers offer giveaways.

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Create a community – Blog contests or giveaways are way of creating a community or attracting new readers to your blog. It is a good way in promoting interaction among your readers and granting them a chance to be more involved with your own blog. Because of contests like these people will keep on coming back and will keep on checking on the progress of the contest and readers can interact among Comments – blog giveaways and contest post will get more comments compared to an average type of other blog posts. Because of people who needs to comment in order to enter and people usually like to make more interactions with posts like these.

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Starts a new buzz – Sometime the product you offer as a prize in your blog giveaway listings will start a chain reaction. If the product you are offering is something you sell or something you market then definitely it will start a product revolution and more people may decide to buy the product.

Effective as a survey tool – With the idea of winning a prize, many individuals are open to the idea of sharing certain information to the host of the blog. Data can be collected that could be needed to market products or to know more about your target market. Plus as you collect data, you learn more about the conversations done in the post.

Starting your Own Blog Giveaway Directories
If you want to present something as a giveaway in your blog then you have to purchase the prize yourself especially if you have a blog that is already profitable. Surely you have enough capital to use in order to have that giveaway which will become a necessary investment on your blog.
However if you are just new to the blogging industry and do not have any revenue yet on your blog, then you have to decide if you want to sacrifice your money for a certain giveaway or not. Or maybe you can look into other ways to present a giveaway without digging on your wallet like sponsorships or coupons.

What are the Prizes?

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Products Directly related to the Blog
Now depending on the topic of your blog, blog giveaway listings have different types of prizes that you can present. Prizes aren’t necessarily big to become interesting to the readers although it may generate more buzz and traffic; the necessary thing is that the blog prizes that are offered are relevant to the blog which is highly appreciated my most of your loyal readers.

Services offered from Companies
There are times when companies look for bloggers requesting reviews for their products. During this time contest prizes are offered to market and add exposure to their products.

Gift Certificates
People love to win prizes that let them spend to popular stores and shops that’s why gift certificates are one of the best blog prizes. It is also great for the blog host as well because the host does not need to pay any shipping charges. The only thing he has to do is send the prize via mail to the winner directly.

Cash Prize
Anyone reading this post would agree with me, everyone loves to win money. So cash prizes on different blog giveaway directories are ever popular. A winner can receive his or her prize via PayPal or perhaps via mail or any other forms of transactions.

How readers will join?
Readers can join via answering to required entries like leaving a comment for something that is specific. Example if the blog is asking what is their favorite food and why? Opportunities for multiple entries are available by linking the blog post or posting it to other blog sites or social networking sites.

How long is the Contest?
Most contests in blog giveaway directories are done for a week others are a month and it depends entirely on the host of the blog. It is important for readers to know until when will a certain contest end and also until when are host still going to accept more new entries.

How is it Promoted?
Once a certain giveaway is created, bloggers will look for ways to promote the contest. What better way than using the social networking media. Bloggers work hardly for the promotion of their blog giveaway contests by tweeting about in Twitter, posting the contest in Facebook and linking it to other social networking sites and forums. They even promote an event regarding to their contest.

How are Prizes Delivered?
Whenever a blog giveaway contest has ended, and the winner has been decided, the blogger can deliver the prize according to the size and the kind of prize. Prizes  can be delivered or shipped to the winners via different delivery service which may ask an ample amount for the delivery charge. And as I have mentioned before Gift Certificates can be obtained mail and cash prizes can be delivered via mail or any wireless money transfer.

SummaryBloggers have found a way to attract potential readers and revenue through blog giveaway listings. Strategically wise they were able to capture the attention of many users of the internet. So we can definitely say that blog giveaway listings are really effective.