When you decide to start working out the urge to take supplements are going to be on your mind for faster results.  One of the most highly suggested supplements out there recommended is protein; which is important in the process of building and developing muscle. While there are many types of protein powders out there, one of the most overlooked and beneficial protein powders is casein protein. Now the question becomes, what is casein protein because all I hear about is Whey Protein?  Casein Protein is a family of proteins related to phophoproteins that has all your amino acids to build muscle efficiently.  The main thing you want to hear is that casein protein is a SLOW digesting protein (up to 7 hours long releasing in the bloodstream) that helps you prevent muscle breakdown.


Going back to high school science class proteins are composed of monomers called amino acids.  Each amino acid contains molecules of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and of course Nitrogen (which distinguishes it is now a protein).  Amino acids form together to build polypeptide chains.  You can predominantly find casein protein in milk (cow milk and human milk!)  Studies show that casein protein composes about 80% of the protein found in milk.


It is a slow releasing protein that constantly feeds your muscles throughout the day or if you take it before you go to bed, throughout the night when you are sleeping and not eating!  Think about it…For 8 hours straight (give or take) your body is deprived of nutrients while you are sleeping.  Rest is essential for muscle growth and casein protein can aid the process by preventing catabolism of muscle.  When ingested, casein forms a gel like substance in your stomach which allows it to release slowly into your bloodstream. 

People take anywhere from 2-3 servings a day, mainly after you workout and right before you go to bed.  The only known side effects that can affect your health are if you are allergic to protein.  Your body can usually handle around 40 grams of protein at a given time.  Don’t try to overdo it or you will end up on the toilet with a magazine in hand.  There are many ways to ingest casein protein throughout the day.  You can mix it with water or milk in a shaker and consume it after a workout or with a meal.  You can put it in your pancake or waffle batter if you would like and have casein protein pancakes!  I would not suggest just ingesting the powder alone.

The next time you're looking for a protein powder to buy, Casein Protein would be a great option.  It will definitely deliver results.