Cloud whitening is a modern scientific method of global warming prevention. It is a relatively new method but based on a fairly traditional and simple idea. Clouds prevent the suns rays from reaching particular places. Consequently these places are somewhat protected from the direct immediate effects of global warming. Cloud whitening involves the artificial creation of clouds. The clouds themselves are not artificial but they do not occur as a consequence of nature, as they usually do. Instead, the clouds are created by machines.

The mechanical process too, like the idea, is rather basic. Simply enough it involves a funnel spraying seawater up into the air. Microscopic particles, converted from seawater, are sprayed towards clouds which then increase in density.

The scientists involved in the project declare that this is the most obvious way of creating clouds. These clouds then protect the earth's surface from the radiation of the suns rays, by reflecting the suns rays away from the earth's surface, contributing to the battle against global warming.

Recent stories indicate that Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, is the major figure behind contemporary cloud whitening plans. Bill Gates has supported the research into cloud whitening and what benefits it can have. Gates has financed the research independently of Microsoft. Campaigners against cloud whitening, which has become simultaneously associated with Bill Gates, stress that the strategy is too risky. Some of the various concerns about cloud whitening include the effect the process has on rain production, moisture circulation and its impact on ecosystems.

Silver Lining, a research group based in the United States, is developing the machines capable of converting the seawater and spraying it into the air. The group has plans to trial the system in the sea. The plans involve hundreds of ships and will take place over an area reported to be 10,000km2 in size.

One of the benefits of cloud whitening is that the process can be stopped or started reasonably quickly. Once the process is stopped it takes just over a week for the effects of cloud whitening to disappear, meaning it can be cancelled quickly if the process encounters problems or opposition.