Computer and electronics recycling is the process by which used computers, monitors, peripherals and electronics are broken down and reused or resold. Typically, a recycler will break down the goods to find internal parts that are still of resale value to other vendors or private users. Parts that cannot be salvaged are collected and sorted and boiled down or completely disassembeled either onsite or at a third party metal and plastic recovery facility.

Recycling computers properly, and having computer recyclers available that provides these services, is extremely important, as many of the components within computers can be dangerous or outright toxic. Old CRT monitors, best known for their weight and boxiness, are chock full of mercury and poisonous gases which can escape if the monitor is mishandled or disassembled roughly and without following the proper procedures.

Most major cities have good computer recyclers on hand to provide this crucial service to the community. Some recyclers charge per item or per weight quantity, while others accept used electronic, computer and satellite goods for free. Washington D.C. is known as an ideal place to have computing goods and electronics recycled because it has several recyclers within the area. One recycler known for accepting items free is E-Asset Solutions, which is located in Falls Church, VA.

Many computer recyclers will also accept satellite equipment, used radio equipment, miscellaneous electronic components and accessories, and even old monitors. Monitors usually cost money to dispose of, given their dangerous and difficult nature.

Computer recyclers fill a very important position, when you consider the facts that electronics can be difficult and potentially hazardous to the environment or people to dispose of, and that we continue to produce electronics and computers at a frenzied pace while older models become obsolete and worthless. It's always important to take your unwanted computers to a recycler in order to have them properly disposed of as opposed to simply throwing away components that are full of poisons and gases.