Creating quality content is very subjective. Are you wanting to be viewed as the next Mark Twain or do you simply want to make money. While the content we post on InfoBarrel may not be considered your best writing, it can help to sell products for the company's and web sites they use the Adwords advertising program.

Any article created for InfoBarrel can be considered beneficial if it helps the advertiser who uses the Google Adwords program. You may write a "cheesy" article, however if that article leads a person to click on an ad and buy or utilize the advertisers product than you have written a beneficial article, regardless of what your high school journalism teacher may think of your article.

InfoBarrel and similar platforms are truly a win-win situation for all parties involved. You write an article, Google sends a visitor to your article from the search engine results, the visitor clicks on an ad and visits the advertisers webpage and either signs up for the web site or buys a product. You as the writer benefit by earning money for the ad click. Google benefits by also earning money for that ad click. The advertiser benefits by having a new customer. All parties come out ahead financially. Rarely in the history of business has there been a system where all parties mutually benefit financially.

Regardless of what we think about individual articles and the quality of those articles, our primary concern should always be as to the conversion ratio for the advertisers. One article may be a classic literature style article that any college professor would give and A+ on, however we as web content writers may not be able to use that article to help convert for the advertiser. On the other hand A much lower quality article that appears to be any English professor to be poorly written may convert excellent for the advertisers utilizing the Google Adwords program.

An advertiser does not necessarily care about the style of the article or web page that sends him or her traffic; an advertiser simply wants their advertising program to be successful and the success of the advertising does not necessarily depend upon the subjective grade that we may apply to an individual article.

You need to create quality content, but that is a very subjective term. Look at the ads on your articles and see if you think your article is a good fit for the content. Look at it from the advertisers viewpoint.