Have you ever wondered the one thing that is not served at the Facebook game, Café World?

Seriously, the virtual cooking at the Virtual Café World is almost endlessly. There are many different kinds of dishes being served everyday at Café World, from the usual hamburgers to vampire steaks and Martian brains, but still one cannot have the possibility of ordering coffee.
Well actually, coffee as I remember was part of the free refreshments that your friends can send you. But where are they now?

I started to play this game last year and to begin with I thought that it was boring since I had already tried to play Restaurant City. Then, I realized as I leveled up every day that it was actually fun. Café World is another addicting game!

So, some of my Facebook friends and I started to serve virtual burgers, chicken, and some of those fancy desserts they have. As usual, I also had some dishes that had gone to waste with all those yucky flies on top of the burger and the salad that turned ugly green.
I guess that the only reason I played this game was the excitement of competing with my friends. I wanted to have the most fancy restaurant!

Abandoned Cafe
Abandoned Café

And besides, it was way too easy for me to earn Café coins. So shopping, buying wallpapers, chairs and tables also added up to the fun.

But then the expansion costs became sort of a block to this spending spree.
The last expansion I bought cost me 400,000 café coins.
Sure, it is not a big deal since I was cooking day and night, but I thought that it was way too much considering the small number of squares that was added. That gave me a reason to slow down a bit.

It was as if Zynga "felt" that I was retiring from the game, so they put up this free café cash that you can get during the holidays. This made me promise myself that I will just get those free café cash and then I am out of Café World.
So I did, just at the start of level 56.

The other major reason that I quit Café World was it never ends!
I got so p****d because every time I get on to a new level, then there is another new, next level; and I just checked while I am writing this article that they have again increased the number of levels! This time it is level 70!

What is Zynga really thinking?! The game is really fun, but do they really mean to have it endlessly? Well, what about serving the customers some refreshments to earn some bucks to pay for the expansions that are worth millions!

I actually don't miss playing Café World, but I check it once in a while to buy some things to decorate my abandoned cafe.

I actually renamed my café to Abandoned Café, and several of my friends were asking me why I did that, I told them that I got tired of the game. (I have even put grass and weed on the floor to make it obvious that this is an abandoned place)
Well, one can also say that I also abandoned the fun I was having with my friends; but I had to choose between writing my paper and virtual cooking.

But Café World is not all that bad. I was also inspired by some of the dishes they have there, and so I made them in real life! They actually taste good. But there is no way I can make the Martian Brain Bake. Ewww!

Sometimes when I visit my Facebook friends' Cafés to see what they have been up to, then I am frequently confronted with those pinky Martian brains on their stoves and on the tables of their customers.
Is serving pinky brains creative or not?
Well, I guess it is really up to you!
But there is no way I am going to serve brains at The Abandoned Café if had I continued to play, because I can't stand the way it looks!

So, Café World fans what are you cooking today? And are your brains cooking in real, or only virtual?