Information on Cryptozoology and Cryptids

Definition of Cryptozoology

      Cryptozoology is the research of animals of whose existence has not been proven. These creatures can be of a mythological background that one would search for evidence for, particularly a live specimen. One who is looking for a living dinosaur would also be referred to as a cryptozoologist. Cryptozoology also includes live animals which live far away from their normal habitat. Therefore it is not just the study of creatures that are only believed to exist in the imagination, but those which once existed or those which exist, but are not found outside of their usual geographical range. The creatures which are researched are often referred to as cryptids.







Big Foot

     Bigfoot a highly studied creature within cryptozoologyCredit: Lizard King at en.wikipedia and Closedmouth on wikimedia commonsBigfoot or Sasquatch as some may call the creature which many have purported to sight over the decades. Yet no real evidence has been found, though there are those whom chase after bigfoot trying to garner more and more evidence. However until a live specimen or even one which is not alive has been found it will remain nothing more than an urban legend.

One of North America's Bigges Mysteries, Bigfoot

The Lochness Monster, Nessie of Lochness Lake

Nessie, the Lochness MonsterCredit: Shalom on wikimedia commons     The Lochness Monster from the Lochness Lake in Scottland. There are those who believe that the Lochness Monster may live at the bottom of the Lochness. Some believe too that the Locheness Monster may be a dinosaur which survived extinction. However there has been no real evidence to suggest that there really is one. There are photographs, but they've either been doctored or it was a log mistaken for a head, back or tail of the so called monster of the Lake, which was given the nickname Nessie. Perhaps it is a Plesiosaur and perhaps it is not. One day maybe someone or something will be able to go to the bottom of the lake and see everything. Until then, one can only speculate or choose to believe or not to believe.

Where to Look for the Lochness Monster

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Loch Ness, Highland, UK


ChupacabraCredit: Alvin Padayachee as seen on wikimedia commons     Chupacabra is yet another cryptid animal, a goat killing animal. Despite there being evidence that what people believed to be a chupacabra was no more than a coyote or dog infected with the virus Sarcoptes scabiei, the lendged of the chupacabra lives on.[3] For those who may not know, Sacoptes scabiei can cause scabies or even mange.

What really is behind the Chupacabra

Bear Lake Monster

Bear LakeCredit: Matthew Trump as seen on wikimedia commons     The Bear Lake Monster which is part of the folklore surrounding Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border. It may not be as famous outside the area as not everyone has heard of it like they might have heard of Bigfoot, Nessie or the Chupacabra, but it is still a cryptid. There are many more cryptids than one might even realize. Some so little heard of, except perhaps in the area their stories originated that most probably haven't heard of even a tenth of them.

Where to Look for the Bear Lake Monster

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Garden City, UT 84028, USA
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Fish Haven, ID 83287, USA

Jersey Devil

    The Jersey DevilCredit: An illustration of the New Jersey Devil, from Philadelphia Evening Bullentin, January 1909 as seen on wikimedia commons The Jersey Devil which has been around since the year 1735 when it was first reported is reported to live in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, United States. It's also been called the Leeds Devil and there have been a number of sightings since the year it was first reportedly seen. This is one creature whose name is famous through a sports team, that of the New Jersey's National Hockey League team. In a way the Jersey Devil isn't a cryptid, at least the ones in the NHL. However the one which some people have said they've seen has yet to be confirmed as real.

Area where to search for the Jersey Devil

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The Pine Barrens, Pemberton Township, NJ 08015, USA

Maltese Tiger

Maltese TigerCredit: Art G. from Willow Grove, PA, USA as seen on wikimedia commons    The Maltese Tiger, which is an unconfirmed, but possible tiger with an abnormal pelt color due to some sort of mutation. Mutations occur, genetic and otherwise. However only those mutations which are genetic can be carried on to the next generation and the next even if its a recessive gene that would make it rare. Unfortunately some mutations can be a hazard rather than a help when it comes to camouflage.

     The Maltese Tigers' first known sighting was in 1910 by 'Harry Caldwell, an American missionary and big game hunter.'[1] This took place near Fuzhou, China.

Place to visit to search for the Maltese Tiger

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Fujian, China


MermaidCredit: Picture of "A Mermaid" by John William Waterhouse, 1901 as seen on wikimedia commons     The Merpeople, of which many a tale has been told including Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid on which Disney's The Little Mermaid is loosely based[2]. Mostly any sightings which have been mentioned have been about mermaids rather than mermen. Perhaps a delusional fantasy by men at sea in ages long since gone by, but it is thought that it might have been manatee's that were seen at a distance. The eye can trick a person all too often and thus results in yet more and more cryptids being formed. Some may result in a confirmation, while others will always be nothing more than myth. That wont stop people for looking for the real deal or evidence to suggest that the creatures exist.

An interesting docufiction about Mermaids

Possible Explanations for some Cryptids

      There are people whom are susceptible to the power of suggestion[4], or they just want the attention. Who knows, perhaps they were high, half awake or only saw a shadow. Sometimes shadows can deceive one into thinking what they see is what it actually is when often enough it is not. There are many hoaxes, but sometimes those hoaxes turn into something more as more and more people begin to think they've seen the same thing. Thus is the power of suggestion. They could have seen it on television or read it in a book. If the person usually wears glasses or contacts, but has lost them their sight might misinterpret things to the point where they think they saw something when it was something else entirely.

     One animal could be mistaken for another, after all plenty of people have mistaken someone for someone else. It happens. And then there are video games and if one has an active enough imagination and the suddenly hear a weird sound it might just freak them out. Especially if it happens to be dark, they might just think they saw something or heard something. When it could have just been the howl of the wind or that of coyotes or wolves depending on the area in which one lives.

Final words on Cryptozoology

      Cryptozoology may sound fascinating, but it doesn't pay all that much to research cryptids one might assume, though there are those who are, if they're able to turn the film they've captured into a documentary. That or they could have written a book, but even books might not bring in enough to keep their research going indefinitely. Still, its fun to imagine and whether or not someone believes in these creatures they still might have a favorite cryptid they want to know more about even if its only fictional.