How to play, find a course, and get started

Also known as Frisbee golf, disc golf is a game played with Frisbees that is similar to golf.  Instead of trying to hit a ball into a hole players try to throw a Frisbee and hit a target.   Participants play a predetermined number of “holes” and compete to see who can take the fewest throws to complete the course.  For each hole, players start by “teeing” off from the same place.  Where a players disc lands after the first throw is where the player will throw from next.  Players continue throwing until they hit the target.  Their score for that hole is the number of throws it took to hit the target.  The targets that disc golfers aim for are either objects or specially designed disc golf baskets.  A disc golf basket is typically a metal pole in the ground with a metal basket about half way up the pole.  A small metal circle is at the top of the pole with loose chains attached to it.  Those chains connect to the metal pole just above the basket.  The chains help slow the discs and make it easier for them to drop into the basket. 

Courses come in all shapes and sizes, but usually are found at local parks.  A well designed course will include score cards, a visibly listed par for each hole, and multiple “tees” (starting points) for various skill levels at each hole.     You don’t necessarily need a course to start playing; you can just make one up.  You would substitute objects like trees, signs, poles, etc. for disc golf baskets.  For more information on how to create your own course, read the InfoBarrel article titled, Create Your Own Disc Golf Course

While you can use any kind of disc to play the game, it is best if everyone you play with uses a similar type of disc.  Not all discs are created equal.  Some discs fly better than others.  For more information on the various types of disc golf discs available, check out this InfoBarrel article entitled, “Disc Golf Discs – What Makes Them Different From Normal Frisbees?”    

Disc golf does have its own association, called the Professional Disc Golf Association.  The association provides more information about the sport, connections to other disc golfers, and information on finding local disc golf courses and competitions.  

Finally, if you are interested in becoming a serious disc golfer, you can consider getting a bag to carry your discs just like golfers have bags to carry their clubs.  For more information on this topic, check out the InfoBarrel article, “Disc Golf Bags – The Best Disc Golf Accessory You Can Buy.”