It is important to first understand that my understanding of energy healing is based on my own experiences and insights. It is not just from one book or one teacher. It has been passed down to me through my own intuition with the help of teachers, books and practice.

I will start by telling you my story, I was living in a Drug Addiction Recovery House and searching for a cure for my depression. I met a mother of one of the other client's there during this stay. She was a yoga teacher and was going to start teaching at the house for the clients. When I heard this, I was very excited as I had been hearing that Yoga was a great exersise to combat depression and to encourage detoxifying your body. I missed the first couple of classes but overheard from friends that she was not teaching too much Yoga at all. She was doing something called channelling. She would contact higher spirits including her own, so that she could relay everybody's unique message. When I heard this I was sure I would not want to go or that this women was loony tunes.

At the time I was in way worse shape than her and was willing to try anything. I attended the next weeks session and to my surprise I was astonished. She had told me things about myself that I knew were true but had never realized them at the surface. I was told that I have a very old soul and that I am ready to transcend to the next dimension(AKA Heaven/enlightenment). I was told that I had been around for a very long time and had lead many different lives. I was a monk and a preacher to name a couple. This time around I was here to clear away my karma of Fear and to lead by example by loving others and not preaching my message. When I left she told me to read a lot. This fit my personality. I have always been more mature than my other friends, I love reading and many people have reffered to me as an old soul among other huge coincidences. She told me that I was from a civilization in Atlantis. All this weird info had struck a chord somewhere and I felt that she knew me more than anybody else. With excitement I came back every week, meditated daily and read daily with hopes of learning more about myself. I always left feeling more relaxed and in a state of natural Joy than when I got there.

This was the beginning of my journey with Energy Healing.

Energy Healing is when a person uses Prana, Chi, Universal Life Force Energy, White Light, or the energy of Love to release energy blocks in your system. The self is made up of many different energetic layers and bodies. Basically we have a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. These bodies are manifested into what we see, feel, think and do. Everything in the world is always changing and moving and there is an underlying current of energy. There are dark force energies as well as positive energy. Everything comes from source or God. This is a very white light energy. When you have an energy block or a dark energy it needs to be released and sent back to God to be healed. If it isn't, it can manifest in a variety of physical ailments, emotional dissorders, and negative thought patterns. These reactions create more and more negative results in our system. For myself I was given special symbols, angel guides, a reiki healing guide, a gatekeeper among many in the spirit world to help fill me with energy to heal others. One can heal using hands on and hands off. If I am deeply consentrated I can have a more successful session but I could be thinking about what I am going to have for dinner and the energy will still come out of my fingers and into your body. My body is like a vehicle or conductor to this healing energy. As the healing takes place energy blocks come out in the form of twitching, heat, cold, memories, happiness, crying, burping, passing gas etc.