Computers are really neat things to have! You can use them to do all sorts of things. Most people use them for entertainment while others use them for work. People who use computers for entertainment will use them to watch movies, play video games, edit photos and other such activities that a computer can provide you with. However, the people who use computers for work will use them to type things and to surf the Internet for information, transactions and whatnot. But you should know that computers are not perfect even if they can do all sorts of things perfectly! You will surely run across all sorts of problems while using a computer. There are many errors that can occur while using a computer. Some things might be hard to access or they might be hard to install. There are many errors that can occur during the installation of a program. One of these errors is the installer error 1722 or the error code 3. Today I will tell you a few things about the error code 3. The information here will surely prove to be really useful to you and anybody who had problems with this type of error.

The error code 3 usually appears when people are trying to install a certain program. This program is known as Visual Studio. With the installation of the 6.0 version some people just might get this error message. This can only mean one thing: the installer manager or installer wizard of Windows is damaged or not up to date. If you didn’t get this error message when you attempted to install the program then you might get it when you will want to install some service packs. This is, again, a problem with the Windows installer that is surely out of date. You should know that even the absence of some video drivers might make this error occur. In this case you can simply download the missing drivers and patches and you problem will be solved. You might also want to keep the Windows updates running all the time. This will ensure you that all the new patches for your computer will be downloaded.


You can get rid of this error message if you will simply look to make sure that automatic updates of Windows are turned on. If you don’t want to do it this way then you can always manually look after the patches that will make this error go away.

Common Windows Error Codes