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Evernote is definitely among the more interesting programs / services that you can use throughout the day. It is a supremely useful tool that can make even the most unorganized person or business, (see yours truly), into a well oiled machine of productive endeavors. It can’t do miracles, nevertheless I actually like it and you should too. Let me explain a little about it.

The facts?
Evernote is if nothing else, a note-taking application that can capture information in a variety of formats. Pictures, sound, text, they all bend to Evernote’s will and present you the user the info that you need, when and where you need it. On a tight schedule and see something noteworthy (no pun intended) you are able to take a picture from your smartphone and synchronize with a server in the cloud. It stores that picture detailed with tagging, notes, and location information if desired. Text within the image is even searchable. This comes in especially handy to save whiteboard info.

Sound - Why carry a separate audio recorder when you've got one in your phone. Just launch the app, set up a new note and press the microphone icon in the corner. Good while driving where one can talk to your heart’s content but keep eyes on the road.
Text- Many kinds of textual information can be captured or entered while using myriad of interfaces (more on that below). Simple text notes, inline images, even entire webpages can be saved for your use later.

My Own Uses

I've got a number of ways that I use Evernote.  

  • If I see a website or webpage or possibly a portion of a webpage that interests me I’ll make use of the bookmarklet available for every major browser to capture the info, pictures and all.
  • If I’m driving and I wish to remember something I’ll produce a voice note to remind me later.
  • When parking in a very large lot, like at the airport, I’ll take a picture in the section to remind me so I don’t appear to be a lost traveller.
  • If I’m at a party and a friend introduces me to some great wine I’ll take a picture and tag it so I can get one later.
  • It contains the detail and connects with reminders that I setup in Reqall, another program which i use and will be talking about in the future.
  • It stores copies of my blog posts and writing that I can access no matter where I am.It’s my external memory because I don’t know about you but I need a lot of memory help as I’m aging.Evernote is capable of doing all of this.

In addition to it’s web interface, that was just updated recently (as of 3/30/2011) Evernote is available for a variety of platforms including:

  • IPhone / IPod Touch
  • IPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Palm Pre / Palm Pixi
  • Windows Mobile (Windows Phone Coming Soon)
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS X
  • Most of the functionality is available on each platform, nevertheless they do vary a bit.

How Others Use Evernote
One way that Evernote is showing it’s usefulness to everybody is by soliciting stories / use cases from regular users and prominently displaying them on their website. They have stories from collecting favorite recipes, to be more productive, write songs, as well as to work with it on the farm. This has the effect of humanizing the corporation and answering the question, “Okay, I’ve installed it now what do I do.” Even their CEO practices what he preaches and discusses it on the site. You can find them at Evernote Quotes.

How Can This Be Free?

All this fabulous technology is free…there are a handful of limitations however. In the free version you're limited to 60MB of data transfer (syncing) per month, only a few file formats syncable, and no access to note history or offline notebooks. They provide a premium version with 1GB of data transfer monthly, any file format syncable, note history and offline notebooks on devices like iPad and Android. All for the completely reasonable cost of $5.00 / month or $45.00 / year.

In our fast and ever-changing world where we’re being bombarded with messages, tasks, and things impossible to keep straight, nice to have a helping hand. Especially for a slightly A.D.D. IT professional like me…and you?

Find it at Evernote.com