Garcinia Cambodia extract is a natural supplement being used for weight loss.  It has been popularized by an episode in Dr. Oz’s show and it is creating a lot of headlines for it’s potential weight loss powers.  The extract is considered natural because it is derived from the Garcinia Cambodia fruit, a fruit that is mainly found in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. 

The main ingredient in the fruit that is linked to weight loss is Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA.  This acid prevents the creation of fat in your body by blocking fat depositing enzymes.

Our bodies usually turn unused energy and sugar into fat by very specific enzymes in the body, which results in weight gain.  Hydroxycitric acid in turn prevents those fat deposits from being created.  Our bodies then break down the fat as it is not stored and the metabolism increases and burns the fat.

Another benefit of Hydroxycitric acid is that it increases the levels of Serotonin in our brains.  Serotonin allows us to rest better and aids in our moods. HCA also produces an enzyme called Citrate Lyase.  This enzyme helps us turn carbohydrates into fuel or energy for our body.

In short research shows that HCA aids in weight loss by first reducing your appetite as it makes you feel fuller longer.  Then it aids in preventing carbohydrates and sugar from creating fat pockets in the body. And finally it helps in creating a balance in your levels of serotonin.  By performing these three tasks it pretty much affects the three main causes of weight gain; over eating, too much carbs and sugars and emotional eating and lack of sleep/rest.

Doctors and researchers are looking at this fruit extract a lot recently because if it produces the results expected it could change the way weight loss supplements are viewed. The most recent research suggests that people taking Garcinia Cambodia extract lose on average 2-3 pounds a week without changing their diets or exercise routines. Another important part of the extract and the study is that researchers have not found any major side effects with taking it as a supplement for weight loss.

In summary, Garcinia Cambodia extract, is a derivative of the Garcinia Cambodia fruit and contains Hydroxycitric Acid, which is a major element for weight loss.  The extract works by assisting in reducing your appetite, breaking down fat blocks and assisting in creating balance (serotonin).  This fruit has been used for many years in Southeast Asia but not with the intent of weight loss but for its nutritional values.  If the studies are correct and the result are as promoted it has the potential to aid many in the quest towards weight loss.