What is Google?

(40711)Credit: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Google is the leading search engine on the Internet. Using its priority algorithm, it ranks WebPages by crawling millions of sites to match keywords. Its accuracy of results is what makes Google the top choice for search engines on the Internet. Google claims more than 21 million unique users each month, which it credits to its high tech technology. Google, Inc., started in 1995, when a young graduate student from Stanford University developed and nurtured the idea. It has not looked back since.  Since then, Google, Inc., has developed many different subcategories of Google, such as Google Maps, Froogle, Google Adwords, Google Images, Google Research and Google Scholar.  Today, millions of people world wide can find what they are looking for with ease, whether you are searching for discount handbags, health insurance, help losing weight, advice on how to write a song, the latest electronics review or help with a health condition, chances are-you can find it on Google.com. Because of Google, and it's pin-point accuracy when producing search results, websites like Googlism.com exist.

What is Googlism.com

(40712)Credit: Courtesy of Googlism.com

Googlism.com, created by Chris Morton and Paul Cherry is a fun search engine developed to find out what Google.com says about people, places, or things. The googlism.com search engine is in no way affiliated with Google.com but it does use information pulled directly from Google.com to create its interest and sometimes funny answers to your who, what, where, when, and why queries.

Googlism.com is a fun way to find out what Google.com "says" or "thinks" about different people, places, occasions, questions and things. The answers are taken from different website owners, so your thoughts, or what you are saying about a particular subject is make plain for all to see. Googlism.com searches these millions of websites through Google.com to find out what your think and say.

Googlism.com came into existence in October 2002 after only one month of planning.  So why are you just finding out about it now? That is because according to Googlism.com, Google.com took measures to prevent them from using their servers to find new "Googlisms", a term used to describe the Goolism.com search result. Googlism.com claims they were not fazed by this move and enjoy continued success with their unique search engine for Googlisms. The search engine claims to receive about 35,000 unique searches each day.

So, how can they still operate? Well, it appears that they receive links from thousands of websites from all over the world.  "We have had online reviews in PCMag.com, ZDNet.com and About.com," says Googlism.com.  Ironically, they are also ranked quite high, at number two in the Google.com search engine when one searches for “What is Google”. Talk about poetic justice.