Guerrilla Gardening 101

Guerilla Gardening is a form of social activism. It aims to reclaim public lands that have been neglected or forgotten about in an attempt to beautify the community. It is important to note that the gardener has no legal claim to these lands and in some cases can face questioning, fines, or other legal action. That said, many communities not only allow, but appreciate and encourage the efforts of Guerrilla Gardeners.

Whether it is an unused median in a road or a patch of dirt next to your apartment, Guerilla Gardening can come in many forms. People participate in Guerilla Gardening for many reasons, some just wanting to improve their community, some as activists, and some just for fun. Whatever your reason for Guerilla Gardening, there are a couple things you should know before you get started.

What should I plant?

Common forms of Guerrilla Gardening include the planting of sunflowers and wildflowers, as they are easy to maintain and require little assistance to reach maturity. These simple seeds can turn an eye sore into a much prettier area. Plants that can resist droughts, heat or the cold are all preferred, as keep-up will be kept at a minimum. However, some choose to make their gardens more serviceable and edible. Crops including vegetables and herbs can also be grown in Guerilla fashion, but obviously require more attention and care as the growing season progresses.

How should I Guerrilla Garden?

Some people Guerrilla Garden during the evening hours where they will be more conspicuous and some people prefer to garden during the day, often involving other community members in the beautification process. However, for the Guerrilla Gardener who wants to remain truly stealth, a seed bomb, is the perfect method of attack. Seed bombs, as they affectionately called, do not cause any harm, but are rather a mix of seeds (usually wildflower) combined with clay and usually worm castings. These degradable projectiles explode upon impact and provide the seeds with the nutrients they need to germinate and grow. These seeds bombs are commercially available as well as easy to make, but be sure to find seeds that will survive your specific climate. Guerrilla Gardening, as the name entails, is not a specific way to garden, but rather a way to reclaim land and neighborhoods that have been seemingly forgotten, and whatever way you choose to Guerrilla Garden make sure it is in a responsible manner that is promoting community values in your neighborhood, not degrading them.