There are many business programs that can be conducted from your home, and recruiting is one of them. Most recruiters do not have a physical office to commute to every day.

You must first find clients. This could be the hiring manager of a large corporation or the individuals themselves ,who are looking for work.

The hiring manager will make it clear what their requirements are and it will be you responsibilty to find an appropriate employee ,if you want to get paid.

The work is done on the internet and by fax and phone. You will process applications from those who are looking for work and you will have to post ads , and make phone calls. You will have to maintain thorough records and keep in contact with your clients. In the case of finding work for someone , you will act as an extension of that person and do the research etc. to find suitable jobs that your client may qualify for.

You will sign a contract with your client to find what they need. In return your client pays you a fee when the task is completed. If you are not successful you do not get paid.

Recruiters are sometimes referred to as "headhunters".

They are several programs on the internet that profess to teach you to become a home recruiter. But if you are a professional and have ample office skills , you should not have to pay someone for a program.

This type of recruiting is done mainly in the blue and white collar business world. But it is being done in other job areas too.

This is also the life blood of all temporary employment agencies. However most agencies simply hire you out at a certain payrate and they profit from a certain per centage of that rate. For example , if they hire you out at $20 an hour you would probably receive only $10-$12 of that amount and the balance is the agencies profit.

This is usually not done by home recruiters, as they prefer to receive a finders fee , and then concentrate on the next client.