Why Stage Your Home


If you plan on selling a home in today’s market you may find it difficult to do without a well staged home. Home staging originally started going mainstream in Southern California in the mid 1970’s and since has become an absolutely indispensable tool used to help move homes off the market. The rumor is that less than 90% of average potential buyers can actually visualize the potential a home has when it is empty. That being said as a seller you can increase the appeal of your home my creating an environment that makes it easy to envision the potential.


Home Staging How To


Staging is more than simply decorating a home to your taste, in-fact staging has very little to do with what you like. A professional stager has a toolbox of techniques they use to make a home appealing to a wide range of buyers. Purchases are often made on an emotional level so it is imperative to tickle the subconscious to make a sale and one way to do that is to load the senses with signals that can lead a buyer to pull the trigger. Below I have included a few examples:


  1. Use velvet and silk cloth to entice the buyer to feel the furniture and accessories. These tactile connections can really create a mood of comfort and safety.
  2. Orange oil on wood surfaces will give even older wood a wet look that shines and just screams to the buyer that it is high quality.
  3. Oils, candles and flowers cannot only be visually appealing but they can also be very fragrant and therefore reach into the deepest parts of the mind to help create a mood in the buyer.
  4. Soft music in the background such as classical can create an illusion of class or sophistication. Music can definitely be overdone so be sure to keep the volume low and the tempo noninvasive.
  5. Coffee and snacks provided to the buyers can make a home more inviting and get them to stay longer than they would otherwise.


Can I Stage My Home Myself?


It can often be difficult to stage a home yourself because you will need to remain objective. When staging your home be sure to have friends and family give you their honest opinion because we often overlook obvious problem areas that others notice instantly. If you choose to get a professional stager beware of scammers who are looking to sell furniture or just charge huge upfront fees with no interest in actually selling your home.


What Should I look For In A Professional Home Stager


A professional home staging company can offer some services that are hard to do on your own. Never pay for furniture if you are just staging a home to sell. It may sound crazy but some people actually get a decorating firm to come in and furnish a house just to sell it, then they are left with the furniture after the sale. A home stager should provide furniture at no extra cost to you except the fee. A professional home stager shouldn’t collect their fee until you sell the home, that way you are on the same side and you both want to sell the home.  Some outfits even put a home manager in your home while it is in the showing process; these managers help offset the monthly utility expenses and help prep the home for sale.