One thing needs to be clear here that Is hoodia green tea is not a single product it is actually green tea mixed up with hoodia. They are mixed up to make a perfect combination which is very effective too loose weight. In this modern era where the life have become much easier ever before in terms of technology and the facilities available to us, I mean the transportation, the cooking facilities etc. we don't do too much with our hands, so over weighting have become a very common problem. This type of tea and many other teas are assumed to be effective against weight loss.

In this article we try to find how this method works to loose weight, what are key ingredients for these two components? And why hoodia and green tea are mixed to use. We will also look at the benefits and side effects of using it.

Hoodia Green Tea To Loose Weight

People basically use hoodia green tea to loose weight. If we look at its properties we will come to know that the guy who discovered this anti-weight method has basically tried to use the properties of both hoodia and green tea. So now we will look at the ingredients of both of these components of the hot drink. As for green tea's concern there are no such ingredients which may harm your health, so what can green tea do in weight loosing is that it just increases metabolism rate.

As for hoodia, it contains such ingredients which made you believe that you are not hungry and researchers have proven this. This hot drink can help those people who just want to eat every now. In this fast food age it can help millions of people special in developed countries, where people have more over weight problem then any other part of the world.

Tips to use it: well to get full benefits from this treatment you need to do few things. Here are some tips to use green tea and hoodia. First thing is to use green tea and hoodia with water, I mean don't involve water in it. Another important thing to consider is to find out which is the correct amount you should take daily. This is very important, especially establishing the maximum amount in order to avoid side effects and the minimum amount in order to achieve some positive effects.

You can find out what is the suitable amount for you in your particular case by consulting an expert on nutrition and weight loss. In fact you should consult your doctor when wanting to take any kind of supplement in order to lose weight before going out and buying stuff.

What are the suitable timings to take hoodia green tea, in my point of view the morning and the evening time is perfect to take it. Because usually after waking up at morning we do some kind of work, and as we mentioned earlier that green tea increases metabolism in your body and after having green tea if you walk it just doubles that metabolism up.

How Does Hoodia Green Tea work

That is important for every one who is going to try it. Well the basic working of this product is quiet simple. It contains two things in it the green tea and the hoodia, the green tea increases the rate of metabolism where as hoodia just keeps telling your mind that your stomach is full. So what you have all to do is just when you feel hungry go for a cup of this tea. But one thing as I mentioned earlier don't use it on your own but if you are using it without any consultation with some expert, please do use it normal just don't be excessive. And one thing more if you are using it and still keep sting on your bed for the whole day it is not going to do any thing for you at all.

A question arises in the mind that why to use this long term technique when there are short term and quiet easy to use pills are available, the answer to such question is that those pills have thousands of side effects where as this treatment have no side effect almost. If we talk about its advantages you can list as many as you want. First advantage is that you can use Hoodia green tea regularly. It is easily available any where in the world. And most important of all is that it normally only consists of natural products and ingredients but make sure you check the ingredients list on the product you want to buy just to ensure this fact and any other information about the particular Hoodia Green Tea. Unlike other diet or weight loss pills that tell you to take it half an hour before you eat, you are not forced to use the Hoodia Green Tea at any specific time.

Let's make a comparison with other techniques which are used to tackle weight problems so that you can use a good one for you. Well slimming experts have different type of solutions to make you slim and smart for example liposuction, physical training, and there are many pills on the market that supposedly are all the magical pill.

Honestly speaking physical training is the best solution for every one although it is tough but at least it has no side effects. Hoodia green tea is a less costly solution, it is not tough at all, it gives long lasting results because it changes your habit of over eating or eating every time you feel hungry. So it is better to opt for a long lasting solution rather then going for a short term solution. But if you choose physical training that is nice choice too, because it also provides long lasting effects. In fact, making a combination of the two could be just the thing for you. The exercise in order to become fitter and healthier and the Hoodia Green Tea as a way to help you with your goals and see enough of a result in order to keep on exercising.

Although natural treatments take time to show results, it is much better then any other solution for over weight people. There are some pills that can give really fast results, but they will prove harmful in the long run, especially if they have caused the loss of muscle tissue instead of bringing down the fat percentage.

As a conclusion, Hoodia Green Tea could help you loose weight but it certainly is not the answer to all your problems. If you have a serious weight problem and it is causing you health problems, consult with a doctor and nutritionist to change the way you eat, but also make sure you add regular exercise to your daily routine. A cup of Hoodia Green Tea can help you curb those horrible cravings and thus help you with your goals, but the most important thing is that you make permanent changes to your lifestyle in order to lose unwanted weight and keep it off.