Hydroxycut Review

.....a Brief History

Before we talk about whether Hydroxycut really works or not, let's find out what it is. Hydroxycut is a natural nutritional supplement created by doctors to help you lose weight. It has been clinically proven to help people lose weight and those that have taken the diet pill have lost nearly 4 times the weight of those that didn't.
Brief History
Like many other weight loss diet pills at the time, Hydroxycut had to be recalled due to it containing Ephedra. Ephedra was deemed to be dangerous for the body and as a concequence the pill was taken off the shelves. Since then, Lovate Health Science Research (ISHR) and Muscle Tech have re-released the pill, this time Ephedra free. This diet pill has now become one of the worlds leading weight-loss supplements, being endorsed by many health professionals, and selling over 1 million units per year.


How does it work?

Does Hydroxycut REALLY Work?

Lovate Health Science Research, (ISHR) the makers behind most Hydroxycut products have put together a pill that helps people lose weight. Before we get in to the benefits it provides us, lets talk about how it actually works.
Hydroxycut contains many beneficial ingredients such as calcium, green tea and various other herbal blends. Ingredients such as green tea are said to help the body lower blood sugar levels, and also help in decreasing the amount of fat our body stores.
Does Hydroxycut REALLY Work?
Everyone should be aware, that no diet pill alone will get rid of body fat. However, combining this diet pill with a balanced diet and exercise could help in losing weight.
"I've reviewed the studies of the clinically proven key ingredients." Says Dr. Jeff Delson M.D of New York, he goes onto say "Subjects lost significantly more weight than dieting alone. I highly recommend Pro Clinical Hydroxycut."
Here are some more benefits (as stated by Hyroxycut);
Increases energy levels
Helps with food craving. (Acts as an all natural, appetite suppressant.)
Helps improve your metabolic rate

Hydroxycut in a nutshell

Would I recommend Hydroxycut?

So if you are serious about losing weight, which you most probably are, Hydroxycut has been proven, that with a balanced diet and exercise you can lose weight. Many health professionals now recommend Hydroxycut as a natural nutrition supplement to help you lose weight. It focuses on food cravings and regulating your metabolism. Many people who want to lose weight have been known to take a variety of pills a day to help themselves in losing weight.
Would I recommend Hydroxycut?
You would probably think after reading through this post, that I would recommend Hydroxycut. However, I'm a fitness professional, and I won't endorse anything that has been proven to be hazardous to your health. Yes it has been reportedly proven to help people lose weight. Yes it can help with food cravings and it can help increase your metabolism rate, but I will not recommend something that that was once deemed dangerous for the body.
Yes they re-called the pill, but if the pill contained an ingredient that's now banned, what's to say that further down the line Hydroxycut is found to contain more dangerous ingredients? By which point it may be to late. You may see user reviews stating how they have lost X amount of pounds due to a "ground breaking diet pill", but they don't tell you about the exercise and nutrition program that went hand in hand with the pill.
Simple equation - Exercise + Good Nutrition x Motivation = Results
Exercise burns fat - FACT. Some pills may help in losing weight, but if your looking for a quick fix then I suggest you give up trying to lose weight now. 
"Quick fix weight loss" doesn't exist. 
In all my time a fitness professional I have never come across anyone who was happy with their weight loss after taking a diet pill. I can tell you now with a good diet and exercise program you will lose weight. It's going to take time, but like the old saying goes 'Rome wasn't built in a day.' 
Weight loss is achieved through hard work!
With that said I'm not going to just leave you hanging. I'm going to point you towards the Fat Loss Classroom. Now the Fat Loss Classroom has been proven to lose serious weight. FLC is a free fat loss advice website that provides you with the best up to date weight loss news, mainly covering topics in; exercises, nutrition and motivation 
Now I understand that most of you won't even have a look, while others will have a look but not take action... and the bare few of you will actually take action. Those of you that take action will be wondering in 12 weeks time why you hadn't done it earlier... the rest of you will still be surfing the net looking for the next best thing, you never know you might find yourself back on this page!
Remember -
 Exercise + Good Nutrition x Motivation = Results!