What Is InfoBarrel?

InfoBarrel is a crowdsourcing information site, basically a community of people writing articles online (like this article). You can write more or less what you want on whatever topic you want the way you want as long as you follow basic rules (no pornography, no hate speech, ...).

How Does It Work?

You write articles and submit them. If they are good enough (see next chapter), they will be published. InfoBarrel takes care of many things: ads placement in your article, facebook/twitter/... buttons, publishing the best articles on the main page if it is good, linking to similar articles, every technical aspects of the site as well like hosting or DNS, etc...


The only things that are on your side are: writing your articles (and making sure they are good), using media such as images or videos and inserting them in your article and promoting your work (it is your job to advertise your articles on facebook, twitter, msn...).

Good and Bad Articles

Even though there is no metrics to measure how good an article is, there are some rules:

- your article must be original (no copy paste from someone else, no double publishing on your own blog AND here, ...)

- your article must be long enough (not just a top 10 videos with just the link to the videos)

- no empty articles just to promote your blog with no content otherwise

- your article should be of general interest. This is not a private blog, you should not submit articles about your last vacation, about how you hate your mother-in-law, ...

Examples of good articles can be found on the main page of InfoBarrel. The articles displayed there (featured articles) are the ones InfoBarrel find good.

You Don't Have Any Ideas About What to Write

Well, I was in this case in the past. No ideas, the feeling that there was nothing I could write that would not have been written better by someone else... But all this disappeared as soon as I started writing and I bet this would be the case for you too.

Blue Question Mark(99596)Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


You have probably some hobbies, you have probably a favorite restaurant/movie/book you could tell us about, there is probably a mistake people make that makes you angry, tell us why, etc... You have made a project/phd/movie about something? Tell us about it. You have money? Tell us how you made it. You don't have money? Tell us how to enjoy everyday life without it... I will soon write an article about inspiration and how to get ideas as there are much more to say about this topic and as I can see it is a frequently asked question in the forum. 

What About Money?

Don't think this site will make you rich overnight or that you will make a hundred bucks every months with 2-3 articles. On the other hand, this site is not a scam either. They will not bother you to buy a miracle software that can make you rich or ask you for your credit card just to check your age (to be clear, InfoBarrel will NOT ask you EVER for your credit card).

China One Hundred RMBCredit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


The money you make is through ads and amazon affiliate links. If someone reads one of your article and clicks on an ad that was published on your article, you will get some money. If one reader uses the amazon link in the article and goes buy something (even something else than the product appearing on your article), you will get some money. How much money will depend a bit (if you take part of the challenges, ...) but by default, it is 75%. You will have to apply by yourself for a Google Adsense id (you need to write some articles first, or have a blog, ...), for a Chitika id and for an Amazon Affiliates id. 

A last thing that can make money with is your referral link. If someone joins InfoBarrel under your link (mine is here for example), then you will get a bit of money every time they make money... Neat, isn't it?

Why InfoBarrel and not My Own Blog/Website?

This is a legitimate question. Why would you write for InfoBarrel and get 75% of the ads, instead of writing on your own blog and getting 100% of the ads.

No technical issues

It is a relief to stop thinking about technical issues. InfoBarrel staff will deal with all of them (dns problem, server problem, ...)


You don't need to pay anything to write here. It is the case also for blogger blogs for example, but not the case if you want your own website (webhosting+domain name) or if you want some more attractive templates, etc...


A blog is generally supposed to focus about something in particular. I would not see myself writing about chess, mobile phones, Japanese, comics... in the same blog. It would look too messsy. In a site like InfoBarrel, it is not a problem as the diversity of the articles that are anyway present in this site allow you to write on several topics.

Page ranking

This is an important point, especially if you want to write about something specific. For example, if you want to write about how to fish blue crabs, then you will have 140 000 000 competitors. If you have only one blog with one article about this topic, your blog will probably not be ranked by Google, or at most will have a page ranking of 0/10.

InfoBarrel Page ranking

Page ranking of InfoBarrel checked on pr-checker.info

The page ranking is a value used by Google to know how "important" your website is and will display the results of a search based on it (among other parameters). The page ranking of InfoBarrel is 4/10, so you will get much more traffic from people looking for this topic on Google.

Getting new readers

If you already have an important blog (with PR 3-4 or more), then writing on InfoBarrel will be less attractive but there is still a reason for you to write here: getting new readers. Getting known by the InfoBarrel community is an advantage. 

Why InfoBarrel and not Another Community Site?

This question is more difficult to answer than the previous one. I think the best answer is that nothing prevents you from writing for all of them (at least all sites you know) and choose which one is working best for you.

I personally like InfoBarrel because of its community. Great people, nice forum with a lot of active people, many people checking what others are writing, commenting, liking, helping each other. 

On the other hand, squidoo is more user-friendly and a bit more entertaining (lots of trophies, levels, ...). 

Other community sites are either not strict enough on the content (too many bad articles that will eventually give a bad fame to the entire site, including your articles), or are a bit too serious (less events, no achievements, ...).

Again, you could try many websites to make your own opinion and you can anyway write for several sites at the same time, for example InfoBarrel for serious articles and Squidoo for light ones, ...


Great, just sign up here and see you in site ! Don't hesitate to ask for help or advice :-)