Installous 4

For those who have been jailbreaking for a while, you probably know what Installous is. This article is dedicated to everyone who wanted to know more about Installous.

Installous is an installation package which can be downloaded for free through Cydia, the online database of portable device applications which is developed by Jay Freeman. To have Cydia in your iOS devices, like iPhone or iPad, you need to jailbreak it first. Much like of an App Store in the jailbreak community but Installous does it even more. What the Apple App Store has, is also available in Installous. But, there are more apps in Installous which are not available in the official App Store. This is what defines jailbreaking, Cydia and Installous.

To install Installous in your jailbroken iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), open up Cydia and navigate through Manage>Sources>Edit>Add. Type: and tap Add. After adding the source, go back to Cydia and search for “Installous 4”. Install the latest version of Installous and Confirm to start the installation. You should now then have a new icon for Installous in your springboard.

Once you have Installous in your iDevice, you can now search for applications of your choice. Once you can find an application that you like, you can download the app and install it in your iDevice. Installous automatically extracts the downloaded files and place it according to Apple’s appropriate directories. Added features include browsing through the different categories like Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, etc. What’s more? You can download paid applications in App Store for free! Yes, for free. No wonder why more and more people are jailbreaking their iDevices.

Installous is so very easy to use. Its developers are constantly improving to provide the jailbreak community with the best possible installation package for free so that users can save money through the cracked apps and free non-App Store apps. Although jailbreaking is perfectly legal nowadays, piracy is still illegal. I don’t recommend practicing piracy in anyway; I just hope you can enjoy your iDevices in the full extent.