The International Business Management Degree

University Studies: International Business Management Major


What does an International Business Management major do?

Majors in international business management acquire basic business management methods and practices and also analyze how business is carried out in other countries and between different countries. University students with this specialization study financial systems, government policies, production, cultural differences, management styles, and other concerns that affect how business is conducted overseas.


Typical courses in this major include the following:

International Business

International Management




International Finance

International Marketing





What can be gained by being an International Business Management major?

The international business major offers a foundation in basic knowledge of accounting, marketing, finance, and management. It also involves courses that allow students to examine information about businesses in other countries and to think globally when attaining business decisions. The business environment varies from country to country, and it is more and more important that business managers have an understanding of these differences.

Generally, students have basic business courses and then move on to courses having an international focus. These may analyze how money and capital (equipment and other commodity) move inside and between countries; how technology is channeled between various countries; what management skills are applied abroad. Students learn to break down the international economic scene, study competitors and interdependence, and appraise cultural differences. They could study how to sell U.S. goods abroad, or how to evaluate the strength of investments in different countries.

Central to the study of international business is the understanding of politics and government, so students must take electives in these areas. Most programs expect students to master a foreign language. Study abroad for one academic year, a semester, or a summer enhances students' course work. Occasionally these opportunities include visits to foreign companies and meetings with business managers. The major readies students to meet the business challenges, which demand creative and responsible leaders in business here and abroad. Students acquire professional expertise that will allow them to operate in an international business environment, while also gaining a bigger understanding of their own and other cultures.


What careers are available to graduates of International Business Management?

The international business major sets up students for careers in international divisions of American foreign companies; in import-export businesses; with the State Department, the military, and government agencies related with international trade or development; in international businesses; and in commercial and investment banking on an international scale.