Internet marketing or Internet-based marketing can be defined as the use of the Internet and related digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives and support the modern marketing concept. These technologies include the Internet media and other digital media such as wireless mobile media, cable and satellite.

Another definition that we can find is this: Internet Marketing is about identifying, understanding, collaboratively creating, and meeting a segment of human and social needs, wants, desires, wishes digitally.

Now, to me this sounds like the definition of marketing that we all have heard, with the only difference that it's focused on people that use the Internet. That's it. Another important fact to mention is that the Internet gives so much availability for connection between the "buyers" or clients from any product or service. We can see this in the growth of the amount of blogs, which in less than 5 years it has gotten to 70 million, and according to some studies and research, they say that 120 thousand blogs are being added or created each day.

This just confirms the new changes, and the way that marketing is working today. Not only the suppliers or owners of products communicate with the clients (which is the way it used to work), but the clients also communicate with their suppliers, and the clients communicate with each other.

Another example of these changes are online auctions. According to new media research firm Jupiter Communications, consumers will spend about $7 billion via online auctions in the next four years (this research was made in 2002). They said that in 2003 alone, auction sales among retail sites were projected to generate sales of $2.1 billion. Even more ambitious growth is predicted by the Cambridge, Mass. firm, Forrester Research, Inc. They expected consumers to spend $19 billion on online auctions by 2003, by the time this research was made. Clearly, online auctions are here to stay, and research on this important business model is needed, and even more now, where we see a lot of people doing this full time.

These are just some examples on how Internet Marketing is changing our lifestyle drastically, and there are already people making a full time income from home, have time for their kids and family, and it all has been through Internet Marketing.