Within recent years, it seems as if many Americans are becoming more aware of their atmosphere and environment around them. People are "going green" by shopping smarter, investing in energy efficient vehicles and household equipment, learning about lessening their carbon footprint and overall looking out for the well-being of the world for future generations to come. Another reason to be environmentally conscious is because of the fact that scientists and doctors are now able to measure the toxins in the air, chemicals and preservatives found in food eaten on a daily basis, carcinogens given off by multiple objects that could enhance the probability of cancer and the unhealthy chemicals found in drinking water. Once all of these harmful ingredients combine, the chance of detrimental health problems and general lack of well-being can arise.

One of the healthiest ways that the body gets ride of these harmful toxins is by the natural process of sweating. After an intensive workout at a local gym or after a lengthy full body massage, some nutritionists, doctors and industry leaders will suggest that the individual spend some time in a hot dry or steam sauna. These hot rooms are heated to upwards of 120 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and just ten minutes in these saunas will allow for many toxins to escape the body.

While some people don't have regular access to a dry or steam sauna, an advanced ion therapy system is another way to rid the body of these harmful toxins. Ion therapy systems work in bathwater or foot soaks by ionizing the water and sending a charged electrical current through the body to create positively charged ions. The increase of positively charged ions help to neutralize the negatively charged toxins found in the body. Most systems are similar to a foot soak because toxins are easily expelled through the thousands of pores found on the foot. Some users also appreciate this type of treatment because it is a holistic alternative to a full body cleanse and uses energy body stimulation. Ionic foot baths also help to clean up and redefine energy pathways to help unblock the flow of energy throughout the body.

One of the more popular devices in the ion therapy field is the EB-Pro Energy Balancer, which is known to be the world's most advanced ion therapy in the current market. It works by enhancing the body's own natural homeostasis and encourages the detoxification process. The individual, no matter their age or lifestyle, simply has to soak their feet with the ionizer on for just a few minutes. Research has also shown that regular ionic foot baths will improve a person's immune system, encourage the body to recover faster from surgery or injury and relieve pain associated with joint stiffness.

Scientists behind this product say that the effects of the EB-PRO are similar to the acupuncture meridians and skin and the ion exchange of water-binding properties. The charge density will release trapped molecules and other toxins that are harmful to the body's well-being.