jailbreaking and unlocking

The Difference between iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking

While iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking are left confusing to other people especially to the new users, I would like to share with you its big difference. What is jailbreaking an iPhone mean? Obviously it is different from unlocking and perhaps this argument leads to confusion of some people.

What is jailbreaking an iPhone mean?

Jailbreaking is the process of modifying the iOS firmware to allow unsigned code to run and gain access to files which is not authorized by Apple. Once your iDevice is jailbroken, added jailbroken apps will be present in your springboard like Cydia and Installous. Cydia is the home of unapproved App Store apps which can greatly enhance the features of having an iPhone. This also enables you to download third-party applications, cracked apps, and non-App Store apps (or tweaks) with an added unofficial applications installer called Installous.

 There is no way that Apple will encourage anyone to jailbreak their iDevices. In fact, they wanted to stop jailbreaking an iPhone by releasing new updates in the iOS firmware. Apple also states that warranty will be “void” when an iPhone is jailbroken. A simple restore process in iTune can definitely return your iPhone back to factory settings.

What is iPhone unlocking?

iPhone unlocking is the process of removing SIM (Subscribers Identity Module) restrictions to allow users the chance to use another carrier SIM cards for their iPhone. This is the most and only reason why you want to unlock your iPhone. Well then, if you are already satisfied with your network carrier, then there is no need to unlock. Not unless you will bring your iPhone abroad or send it to someone else.

Two methods in unlocking an iPhone include the software and hardware unlocking. Software unlocking is the easier and safer way to unlock since things will be easily undone by restoring your iPhone in iTunes. Hardware unlocking requires opening your iPhone and modifying certain parts together with injecting a program. This method was usually used during the early days of the iPhones since more software for unlocking are being developed by the Dev Team and are freely distributed.

To summarize the difference between iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking, let me state in this way: iPhone jailbreaking means you can customize your iPhone by having the capability to install third-party apps/tweaks aside from the official App Store apps while iPhone unlocking simply means you can use another SIM card apart from your current one.