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The Problem of Jawline Acne

Jawline acne is similar to any other type of acne but what may characterize it differently is where it happens to be located -- most prominently along the jawline.  It could Man's JawlineCredit: along the entire jawline or just in small areas of it.  People who suffer from jawline acne can have mild cases with just a few blackheads or more severe cases with cysts, pustules or nodules in the area.  One of the things which makes this type of acne especially problematic for men is that this is an area which typically needs to be shaved often and severe acne can make that nearly impossible.

There are different theories as to why some people who may have otherwise clear skin will still get jawline acne.  Some people believe it could be because this is an area which is often being touched by the hands throughout the day.  Whether it is while resting your head in your hands or pushing on the area to help stretch out the neck, people touch their jawline more than many other areas of the face. 

Another option could be that even when washing the face the water will run down the skin and than fall off at the jawline.  This could cause some of the dirt and oils to end up sticking on this area which can cause acne.  No matter whether it is one of these reasons or something else entirely it is still important to take extra care to keep the area clean and clear of dirt and oil.

Some people with jawline acne can treat it with regular over the counter acne medication.  Other people, unfortunately, do not respond well to this type of medication and may need something stronger.  Whether they go with prescription medication to attempt to treat it or something more natural it is most important to them to just get rid of it. 

Man Shaving(86366)Credit: problem with having acne in this area is that it may continue to cause problems well into adulthood.  Most acne people have as they go through puberty and beyond goes away on its own over the years and in the vast majority of cases is eliminated or very much reduced by the time they are about 23.  Jawline acne, however, has a higher chance of continuing well into the twenties or even older. 

Some people are able to just ignore it if it is not a very serious case but others want to have it eliminated for cosmetic reasons.  For people who want to put the effort into curing this persistent type of acne it may be necessary to work with a dermatologist.  Dermatologists can often help to both provide strong medication which can treat jawline acne and also find what may be causing it in your particular case. 

By taking steps to eliminate the cause of the problem and also use the medication to attempt to treat it most people can have clean and clear skin.  It is important to remember, however, that even if the first thing you try does not work it is important to keep trying to find a cure as one is certainly out there. 

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