Law of attraction (LOA), is a simple natural law. Some would call it a physical law and compare it to gravity, it exists, whether you like it or not. The principles of Law of Attraction have been used for hundreds of years. LOA is no secret, but not many people are aware of it (yet).

Knowing LOA and knowing how to use it, can change your life! 

LOA basically means that you attract your own circumstances of your life, through your thoughts. You are an energy field - a magnet, and what you think of, you will attract into your life.  So by implementing LOA into your life, you will be in control and you can live the life of your dreams.

The law of attraction works all the time, whether you believe in it or not. Everything you experience in your life, is a result of what you have attracted earlier. We are all using LOA, all the time, most people are not aware of doing it. 
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to work hard year after year, but never seem to have any money? Or that some people seem to just have bad luck all the time? Or that others seem to be very lucky all the time, having one great experience after another without even trying?
Maybe you recognize from your own life that there are times when EVERYTHING goes wrong, and other times of your life where you succeed in anything you do? All of this is The Law of Attraction in action.
The trick is, to learn how to create your own life using your thoughts as your tool. In short: What you pay your attention to, you will receive in your life. It is as simple as that, really. That is the key to succeeding in Law of attraction.

You are paying your attention to something every time you think, act or talk about anything. So when you think or talk about something that frustrates you, you are drawing more frustration into your life. But when you think or talk about something that makes you happy, you are drawing more happiness to you.

Everything consists of energy. Everything. People, money, things and thoughts. Energy is vibrations, which vibrate on different frequencies. Vibrations attract vibrations within their own frequency-level.
You might know this from your own life: When you are in a really bad mood, it is almost unbearable being around people who are very thrilled with excitement - they seem provoking and repulsive to us. But if then, you are having a really good day and with happiness and joy, it feels very hard being around someone who is angry or frustrated. You either feel like walking away, or you quickly tone down your own excitement - because then your vibrations match each-others. This, we actually call being on the same frequency! You could say that we humans vibrate on a high level of frequency when we are happy, and on a low-frequency level when we are sad. We attract things and people on the same level as ourselves. Positive attract positive, and negative attract negative. Think positive and attract positive things!

That is the law of attraction.