Throughout the years people have tried to answer the question, "What is leadership?" John Maxwell, a well-known expert on leadership and mentorship once explained what he though leadership was, "Leadership is not something you do, it is something you are."

Maxwell understood the popular thought that leadership was linked to actions. However, he believes that when you ask "What is leadership?" you need to also think about what a person is. You need to think about true leadership as a state of being instead of state of action.

If you want to become a leader, or are developing yourself to be a better leader, it is essential to contemplate on the leader you would like to be for at least a few minutes everyday.

When we consider what is leadership, we need to focus on time for personal improvement. Most leaders of organizations will say that they feel too burdened to spend a lot of time on leadership improvement. It is important that we realize when a person feels a certain way they are leaving the door open for the control they have to walk away.

Once we believe that we don't have enough time for something, it obviously becomes habit to disregard self improvement.

So, how do we control our beliefs to make sure that we try to develop our leadership?

* If you are using time as an excuse, it is important to ask yourself why you believe you don't have time to improve your leadership abilities. If you truly break down your day into segments of time, you can find a few minutes here and there to contemplate or develop those necessary skills.

* Once you realize that you are contradicting yourself by actually finding time to develop your leadership, you will find more and more gaps in your day to improve yourself. Once you have disregarded your negative belief, you will realize that you have great possibilities and potential to become the leader you want to be. You will also notice that you will use your time more wisely when you locate those little pockets of time that are spent unwisely or unnecessarily.

* After you have developed the scenario in your mind that you have time for leadership, you can ask yourself again about your time constraints. However, this time around ask yourself positively why you need time to develop your leadership abilities.

* Once you recognized the time that you didn't think you had, you will end up with a new daily routine. You need to try your best to continue with your routine. It may be a good idea to post your new schedule up somewhere that you will see it often.

So, you ask, "What is leadership?" In a nutshell, leaders are people who develop the necessary skills to be a great person. They succeed from having vision and belief that they CAN do things, not find excuses – especially with time.

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