Most of us probably only know mambo music as the kind of music that is played when people dance in that sexy, bouncy way wherein hips sway and spirits soar, but what exactly is mambo music? Where did it come from and where is it going? Who are the most popular artist in mambo music today and how can we find their music so that we can enjoy it? Mambo is one of the most instantly recognizable styles of music in the world so let’s take a closer look at the style and see if we can learn a little bit about it.

Origins of Mambo Music

Mambo music has its origins in the afro-Caribbean and afro-Cuban music that sprang from places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and even Jamaica. Of course, the best way to get acquainted with any style of music is to listen to it. Simply search online for a website that allows you to listen to musica gratis descargar. From there you should be able to listen to a sample of the mambo music and enjoy the pulsing rhythm of the beat and see just why it is legendary as a form of dance music. There are numerous paginas para bajar musica gratis, just search for them and enjoy the mambo music.

Rise in Popularity

As mambo or “conversation with the gods” as the inventors of the style called it, began to be more widely recognized it spread to other Spanish speaking regions in the western hemisphere. From Cuba and Puerto Rico, mambo music spread throughout the islands in the region, and then into central America before finally reaching the country in which mambo music is currently the most popular; Mexico. In Mexico, mambo music has become something of a cultural icon and nearly everyone knows how to dance the mambo to go along with the music.

The Mambo Dance

Of course, mambo music is nothing without the dance that goes along with it. Many people don’t even know that mambo is actually a form of music as well as a dance since most people know only of the dance. The dance itself is very sexy and designed to mimic the act of love expressed as a form of dance. In many, less enlightened parts of the world the mambo is considered so very sexy that it is seen as obscene and something not to be done in public. However, that has not stopped it from being a very popular form of dance in the Spanish speaking world.

American Mambo

The mambo and mambo music is also quite popular in parts of America that have high Puerto Rican or Cuban populations. Particularly in New York City and Florida, the mambo is quite popular as a dance and the music is very well known too. For those living in these areas that want to learn how to dance to mambo music simply look online for one of the many paginas para bajar musica gratis where you can listen to musica gratis descargar.