memorial day flagMemorial Day is May 31, 2010

For those of you not familiar with the American Holidays, this is one of the biggest days for this Country (U.S.A). Also known as Decoration Day is specifically dedicated to the U.S men and women who died while they were fighting in War. Its also declared a Federal Holiday since 1971. It falls on the last Monday in May. This day marks the beginning of summer.

What do people do on Decoration Day?

You decorate your home? Really. Yes but with flags. What a lot of people, specially the one that have a family member that died, go to the cemeteries and place an American Flag on their grave to celebrate and remember them on Memorial Day.

After some ceremonials and parades, often they have barbecue's and picnics and family gatherings too.

Memorial day sale is of course is a day to shop till you drop, because you'll find great deal for electronics, clothes, travel, home & garden and others. People save upwards of 20-75% on things.

How much money did people save on Memorial Day Weekend 2009?

  • Baby r Us and Toys r Us had great deals where people saved hundreds of dollars.
  • Adidas, Banana Republic, and Nike also had great sales on all types of shoes and apparel. Up to 75% on some things.
  • If you were looking to get rid of your old computer., Dell, Had amazing sales on memorial day too.
  • Expedia and had trips 35-50% off and hotels for 50% off + $50.
  • With summer time here Home/Garden are essential and people are getting ready to do a ton of projects. had 60% sales for kitchen and homes and so did

If you're the type of person that doesn't like paying retail than memorial day weekend is your kind of day.

Memorial Day has really lost it's meaning through all of this (sales, cookouts, and celebrations). After all this is done we still have to sit down and remember why this day is so important. We need to be thankful for those that fought hard for us to be safe and happy and doing whatever you are doing on decoration day.

To all the soldiers that died for us, we should thank them for what they've done for us not just on this single day, but everyday, because if it wasn't for them we would not be celebrating any kind of day or have any kind of freedom as we do now.

Let's take a moment of silence for them and respect them and their families on this Memorial Day 2010. For all the families of the soldiers that have died I am sorry for you to have suffered such a loss, I hope your loss is remembered how it deserves to be.

7 Parades-Where are you Going?

National Memorial Day Parade, presented by the American Veterans Center, is held annually in Washington DC

New York City all has a parade that is one of the places most people visit if they want to change things around, instead of just barbecuing with the same crowd.

and California also celebrates memorial day in Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach, the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, Cajun Creole Music Festival, St. Nicholas Valley Greek Festival, just to name a few.

So there you have it, another holiday to enjoy the summer with friends, family and strangers to share the same emotions and celebrate this very special day for the Country. Don't forget to wear your flags color to show "patriotism".