Steps to Natural SEO involve Creating Great Content. Many times as Internet marketers and article writers we obsess with search engine optimization, keyword density, developing artificial backlinks, and numerous other promotion methods. Here on InfoBarrel alone I have seen numerous writers over the last couple of years focus more on developing backlinks then writing quality articles.

Instead of focusing on writing articles that are uninteresting, boring to read, and simply designed to suck in search engine traffic you should focus on writing articles that are truly interesting to read. Articles that people love and WANT to share! Take more time to write interesting articles as opposed to “salesy” articles designed to sell Amazon products. A lot of things have changed since the initial Panda and Penguin updates from Google.


Natural SEO comes down to basically writing interesting content that is truly entertaining and or educational to readers. It will be articles that readers may want to share on social networks such as Facebook. These will not be articles where you focus on a specific keyword density and the hope Google will rank you high enough that you can get a lot of search visitors who will click on your ads.

Although this is the ideal way to do it and probably the smartest, we may still struggle with this. It is easier for some of us to focus on specific methods that are working for us. If you have been writing articles for a while and experiencing success at earning money then go ahead and keep doing it; however you should always be prepared to suddenly lose you income if Google does a major Algorithm change.

If you are new and want to write interesting articles that people want to share and use Natural search engine optimization then I suggest you take a look at VicDillinger who writes interesting articles.

By writing articles people truly want to link to naturally and share on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will allow you to use Natural SEO. Although some people will argue at this point it is technically no longer SEO, I tend to disagree and here is why.

By writing in a “natural SEO” style you will be avoiding crappy and spammy content. You will not be trying to trick the search engines and thus you will be much less likely to have your articles receive a penalty from Google. By not getting “slapped by Google” you can be much more comfortable knowing that you are not near as likely to get penalized as are other writers and bloggers who specialize in churning out  articles quickly designed to get a lot of traffic with not near a much  regard for quality. This is not to say that these article writers write crappy content, but these are definitely not articles that will be going viral on Facebook.

I sold my last InfoBarrel account when I needed money quickly. I had over 900 articles on that account. This time I will be building this account back up to the level that I had that account at. I will definitely be focusing on having some articles that are awesome and people love to share; however I will also be doing what makes me money. I learned a lot from writing as “Ernie” on InfoBarrel but now it is time for me to go “Gonzo”. I will use natural SEO with an emphasis on fun. I want to have fun writing and earn money. If I am not having fun then it does not matter. By focusing on writing for fun you will also be naturally using more Natural SEO.