Liposuction, implants, and plastic surgery are some of the traditional methods of body contouring that people use today. And while the results of these operations can be dramatic, there are often a lot of risks involved, as with any kind of invasive surgical procedure, and the results are not always as expected. Liposuction, for example, is effective in removing significant amounts of fat from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and neck area. However, the procedure often leaves patients with sagging or loose skin, as well as irregular skin indentations and bruising. The recovery period that patients must undergo after liposuction surgery is often painful and long.

All of which is why non-invasive body contouring procedures have been gaining more popularity in recent years. These alternatives to traditional body contouring surgeries are usually less painful, have less side-effects, and produce more natural looking results. The following are three of the more popular non-invasive body contouring treatments today.

This body contouring method involves injecting mild doses of fat-burning enzymes into the areas that of the body that one wants to have treated. The enzymes dissolve the fat inside the body, which is then removed naturally by being flushed out through the patient's urinary tract. Lipodissolve is a fairly painless procedure and especially efficient in sculpting the neck and chin while also reducing cellulite.

Laser Body Contouring
Laser body contouring, or laser body sculpting, refers to various techniques that employs therapy with low level lasers rather than liposuction tubes to melt away fat and tone a person's skin. Thanks to miniaturization technology, doctors are able to precisely guide laser light in order to vaporize fatty tissue without damaging surrounding cells. Laser body contouring not only removes fat but also makes the patient's skin look firmer.

Mesotherapy has been a popular alternative to traditional body contouring in South America and Europe for many years. It helps reduce cellulite and is effective in the removal of excess fat from typical problem area. The procedure works by injecting amino acids and other chemicals that dissolve fatty tissue. The needles used are so small that the entire procedure is virtually pain free. There is no damage to surrounding tissue and no bruising.