As a successful affiliate marketer, you will have to use a number of tools to drive traffic to your site in order to be able to sell products. Many successful affiliate marketers use only free tools to promote their site and drive traffic, and will usually use methods like article marketing and getting high quality backlinks to help drive free traffic to their site. PPC or Pay Per Click marketing does cost money, but it can also teach you a lot of valuable lessons for your business very quickly, to boost your profits in no time.

So What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

As the name suggests, Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which you pay money each time someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. For instance, if you were to pay 50 cents per click, and you got 10 clicks a day, you would spend $5. One popular PPC ad service is Google Adwords. They list your ads on the top and on the right of their search engine results pages. Google Adwords is an excellent PPC service for many online business owners, if they take the time to learn how to use it. Google Adwords links the ads to the searches which are typed into their search engine. In other words, people are already looking for your products. They just need to see an ad to be able to come to your site to look around and possibly buy.

Google Adwords is the largest PPC network, from the largest search engine with the most users. TO get started, the first thing you need to do is keyword research for your website. In other words, what do users type in to look for the kinds of products you sell? Then find out how many people search for the word each month. That is your potential pool of customers. Make sure you check your reports all the time and then try to improve your ads. If you have a bad click through rate (CTR), keep trying to improve your ads. If you have a good CTR but no sale, then there is probably something wrong with your sales letter. If you are not getting clicks, then clearly you need to do something to improve your PPC ad. Be sure the ad is interesting and attention-catching. People are usually searching for solutions to their problems so ask a question in your ad headline and offer the answer on your webpage. Most webmasters concentrate a lot on SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and it is a great way to get free traffic. PPC is an additional strategy, and it is fast. You can show your ad as many times as you need to. You only pay if someone clicks. If they click, they are already a targeted visitor who has typed one of your keywords into a search engine.

Best of all Google Adwords is not the only kind of PPC out there. You can try other methods as well, Yahoo, Bing, and all of the keyword research you do for PPC will help grow your site through ads, article marketing and other forms of search engine marketing. PPC through Google and Yahoo are a fast way to make the most of relevant keywords from your site and its line of products to sell them to people who are already searching for them. Whenever the user types in the keyword, your ad will appear. Depending on how much you say you are willing to pay per click, you will appear in one of the slots on the page. The higher the slot, the more expensive the click, though there are some ways to get around that which we will discuss in a moment. Your PPC account will allow you to manage your keywords and bids and show how much you are paying each day. If you have a good CTR,, then you ad is considered to be highly targeted and relevant and your price will actually go down. PPC pricing can be adjusted and your daily budget set, so you never have to pay more than you can afford and you can adjust your pricing to fit your budget.

Go for the keywords that best fit your site and which are affordable, while still involving a lot of browsers searching for that term. With PPC, the highest price does not necessarily give the best results. Be sure to do your research and track your results and sales to see if PPC is a good strategy for your company. With good ads, CTR and a highly converting webpage, you can end up paying as little as 5 to 10 cents a click. If you are selling a reasonably-priced product, you will start seeing excellent profits in no time.