The Planking Phenomenon

Kerri-anne planking

 Kerri-anne planking(57500)

There is a craze or a growing phenomenon at this very moment called 'planking'. This involves lying face down in public places - apparently the weirder it is more plausible it becomes - and uploading the images on social networking sites like Facebook. The instructions to plank is to lie facedown with a straight face and body, hand by their sides and your toes pointing downwards.

There are 2 groups who say that they invented the craze  probably in 2000 in Somerset named the "lying down game" or in South Australia in 2008 named "planking". These two groups have their own sites on Facebook that rival each other in which they have more than 100,000 fans.

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Gordon Ramsay

The popularity of Planking has grown substantially especially in Australia as there has been enormous media reports.

David Williams also known as "Wolfman" celebrated scoring at the Australian rugby league by planking while one of the nation's leading chat show hosts Kerri-Anne Kennerley started her show by planking on the sofa.
David Williams planking David Williams planking(57503)
The first guys to practice the planking was in 2000 by Christian Langdon and Gary Clarkson, they begun Taunton by lying down in public the places so they can be photographed. and they called it the "lying down game".

Then in 2007 as friend of theirs called Daniel Hoppin decided to take the craze on social media sites. "They'd started lying down in bars and clubs to try to spin people out. So we began a Facebook group to see who could get the craziest photo."

There are currently 675.039 fans. August 2011, and in Australia, the activity was named planking

In 15 May 2011 Brisbane, Australia a 20 year old man Acton Beale died after "Planking" a balcony on the seventh floor. In 13 May 2011 a man was charged for planking the police car.

Planking started as joke on the club dance floors then it went on to low objects like benches, pots bins.

"It didn't really blow up until a few local radio stations got hold of it, ran competitions, and it grew very quickly. I never thought it would get to 5,000 or 10,000. But now we have over 120,000 fans."

The goal is for your photo to be the most popular in the most credible and peculiar place. But it is very important that the fans focus on the fun and funny side instead of the dangerous and daring ones. Besides that happy planking!