When people are constantly buying new electronic gadgets for their homes, they don't usually realise the amount of chargers that they get while doing that. Usually there is a charger for each because for some reason there are no universal standards because the manufacturers want to be able to make a good income from selling the chargers to their devices once people are going to either need an extra, or when the old one breaks. This is where the powermat wireless charger is going to make a difference.

Imagine having a charger that will fit all your gadgets. That way you would not have to have an extension cord with multiple plugs so that you can have all your chargers plugged in at the same time. This will create a large pile of cords and there is no way to make it look neat, even if you try to clean it up. Imagine having a charger that is going to not only be able to charge all your electronic devices, but also it is going to be able to do it wirelessly. The powermat wireless charger is going to do just that, and in the future it should be even easier than it is today. I don't know why the electronic companies have not thought of this before - they have been so busy trying to upgrade their gadgets to have the latest specifications and the latest functions, that they have forgotten to develop the ease of use. Today you can find mp3-players with video cameras and built in video editing software. They work with a touch screen and you can even use the internet while you are listening to music, but when it comes to charging the device, you are going to have to find that old charger and plug the player straight to the wall.

The thing is that you are only going to have to place the device on the top of the Powermat and it is going to start charging it. You can switch the device and it is going to be able to charge the other one without any alterations. The problem today is that the gadgets do not have the wireless charging transmitter that is required, and that is why Powermat is selling small docks that can be attached to the devices, before all the manufacturers agree on installing them on their products at the factory. Some day we could live in a world where you have a large wireless charger on your table, and you just place your gadgets on it after use and they are recharged without thinking about it. All this will happen wire-free and without any extra worries.