It's a bit scary sounding isn't it... Previcox for Dogs? But this is one of a growing number of safer, more mild medications aimed at helping our canine pets cope with the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Whether that be the result of simple old-age, injury or an inherited genetic predisposition to joint problems, Previcox may help. But what is it and what does it do?

Well firstly let us clear the air a little. It is great that you are browsing online to gain more knowledge and educate yourself about your pets medications. But, when considering using Previcox your first stop must be your local vet. The reason is that this is a prescription only medication. It doesn't matter if you have heard of Canadian pet pharmacies where other products are prescription free, Previcox is not. Even from them you will need to provide the correct paperwork before they will process your order.

Now we have got that little bit out of the way, let us continue. In the bad old days the only real way to help dogs cope with serious pain and joint inflammation was to prescribe steroids. Now, they are effective, but sadly they are not safe to use for the long term. So, whilst pets could be given a period of respite, their steroid treatment would eventually stop and symptoms would return. So the hunt has been on for a non-steroidal approach to canine arthritis care. One of the results is Previcox for Dogs. This is one of a new breed of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (or NSAIDs for short).

This dog medicine is remarkably effective in reducing swelling quickly. With the inflammation eased, the pain of arthritis tends to drop away pretty quickly too. Each patient is different but studies show that some dogs can show increased mobility and reduced pain litterally within hours of being given their first dose, whilst inflammation usually looks reduced within a few days.

This medicine is supplied in the form of a chewable tablet, which generally makes giving your pet their medicine easier than with old fashioned ordinary pills. Your vet will initially prescribe a regular dose of either 57 or 225mg tablets to be given every day, depending on the size of animal to be treated. Once your dog shows sustained improvement the dose will be reduced to the minimum level required to maintain their condition. As nothing can actually cure the disease if your dog is taken off Previcox their symptoms will return.

Though these NSAIDs are much safer to use than steroid medications, there are some important and possibly dangerous side affects associated with their use. Whilst many dogs are treated with no ill effect, some can show serious allergic reactions and even possible organ damage. This is why it is so important to only use Previcox for Dogs under the guidance of a qualified vet.