When the nucleus of an atom is excited by an external source of power, this process is called called "Quantum Leap". It is the passage of an electron from one orbit to another with the occurrence of a higher energy charge. For your information, electrons revolve in fixed orbits around the atomic nucleus.

Quantum leap does not happen in a linear progression manner. Once the electrons gather enough energy charges, they will reappear in a new orbit. Amazingly, these moments of quantum leap take place in the daily processes in our societies, the planets and the universe - where the stored energy produces a unique voltage and induces the process of a transformation.

In fact, according to quantum physics, everything we observe is actually the manifestation of energy fields vibrating at different frequencies.

The processes and transformations of energy are the key to the functioning of life and the Universal System. Everything that happens, from the most basic functioning of our body system, to the complex intricacies of the Universe System, are actually different types of energy transmutations in motion. In the same way, our thoughts, intentions, emotions and actions create the energy patterns (oscillating at certain vibrational frequencies) that shape our reality.

Similarly, we can also relate to moments in the lives of individuals, societies, the planet and the universe where quantum leap occurs, in which the accumulated energy creates a build-up in tension and imposes the need for a transformation. This may lead to an event  that propels a leap into a new stratosphere. However, the extent to which the entity in question is reluctant to abandon the old, former state, determines the degree to which the transformation will likely or not likely to occur.

For instance, we may carry delimiting beliefs that keep sabotaging our deepest desires to manifest what we want. This spike of energy which may have come to us in the form of an intuition may be "blinded" by our doubts or worries that hinder us from taking the necessay action.

With the advent of modern technology like the computers and the internet, humanity is now exposed and has become a receptacle of huge amounts of energy, to the extent that the planet is heading towards a process of evolutionary ascent. Evolution is reminiscent of the on-going changes in the vibrational patterns.

This creates the conditions for quantum leap in the consciousness of humanity to the extent that this is in line with the Ascension Process. This is why there is so much emphasis on the need for a critical mass of human beings working consciously in this process.

Today, more than ever, forces from subtle planes are available to us and give us the impetus to take the big leap towards the transformation of our global society. I am now referring to the Law of Attraction, where we can learn how to harness the inner workings of our subconscious mind to manifest the creations we desire in our lives.

As conscious human beings, endowed with free will, we have the option to resist this process of change or to work actively towards shaping our future. Thus, an understanding of the principles of quantum leap, or even in the Law of Attraction, can help guide us in the right direction.