Dear frustrated High school student,

     My name’s Duncan, and I’m like you. I am 17 years old, I am a junior, and I spend 8 hours, 5 days a week, for 9 months of the year sitting behind a desk listening to a teacher ramble about some topic he or she tells me is “vital to my future.” I am sure I’m not the only one slightly confused and overtly frustrated by the situation. I am writing this article to beg the question; “Just what is school good for?”

     I’m sure we have all heard reasons in the past why some particularly useless class is good for us. It seems like I usually find myself saying that although the thing we are learning is defiantly useful to someone, it probably not going to be useful to me. This is why I have been looking for things we learn in every class that everyone can use! I am going to be looking for reasons and listing them on a website called The Question Academy. I hope you find it effective in fighting the war on drudgery everyday at school.


What is Science good for?

     Science is used to understand why things around us happen. Maybe you want to get a stain out of your clothes, or wipe the dry erase marker off your white board. A basic understanding of the components of a problem can lead to simple yet innovative solutions. If you’re cooking, understanding what sugar does at high temperatures can save you from unknowingly mixing ingredients in the wrong order and having to do it all again.


What is English good for?

     Spelling words incorrectly, or using the wrong form of a word may seem like unimportant mistakes, but wait until it comes time to get your dream job or impress your sweet heart. The last thing you want to do is ruin an interview with a fortune 500 company because you tell can’t spell or use English properly. Learning to write and speak well is important because it’s really embarrassing to spell words wrong or sound unintelligent in love notes and cards. Once you make a mistake, you can’t take it back.


What is Math good for?

     Interestingly enough, everything around you is capable of being understood with math. Maybe you don’t care to know why a computer computes or a why things fall as fast as they do, but understanding basic levels of math that are taught at school can save you a lot of time! Knowing what 12 times 30 is in your head can save tons of time over the years, and knowing how to convert tablespoons to teaspoons could save you the discomfort of a nasty thanksgiving dinner.


What is History good for?

     Ever heard the phrase “those you do not understand their past are doomed to repeat it?” We’ll its true. Take an event in history and compare it to your daily life. I promise you will find similarities. Understanding history, be it American or anyone else’s, can give you a good base to evaluate a situation. Old people are wise because they have lived history, young people can become wise, but they must learn history.


     This is only the beginning! I am tired of being told to learn because it’s good for me without ever being told why it’s good for me. I want to believe them, but sometimes it is hard. I believe the Question Academy is going to change that.