Suspension Bodyweight Systems

I've heard this question from many people recently - what is the TRX suspension style workout training and does it work?  First, let's get down to what TRX is - TRX is a system of ropes and webbing called a "suspension trainer" to allow the user to work against their own body weight during their workouts. It is basically resistance training, uses the force of your own body and not relying on heavy weights or machines. There are multiple benefits to doing TRX over normal exercises, such as improved flexibility, core body strength, and much more!


What are the Benefits of TRX training? - TRX training is supposed to develop your core body strength much better than regular training, as well as improve flexibility and reduces your chance of getting injured. That is why TRX is becoming very popular in professional athletics such as baseball and football.

According to, this system of training is designed to control your center of gravity during movement by using your muscles: "Suspension Training bodyweight exercise is designed to intentionally displace your center of gravity, activating the core musculature during every exercise to stabilize and balance the body in a truly functional way."

Another great thing about TRX training is that you can practically do it anywhere, since it depends on your own body to do the workouts. It's very easy to set up and bring on the road, and most kits come in a compact, lightweight design.

Suspension Training - Does it Work? - The TRX training system says you can get fit like the NAVY Seals who used it, and that is true to a certain degree, if you are doing the exercises right. 

According to, the TRX Suspension equipment was developed by former US Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, as him and his fellow SEALS were looking for ways to stay in top physical condition with limited access to training implements and with little space. Make sure you are doing the exercises correctly or you may not see the gains you want to see. TRX(114313)Credit:

Where Can I Buy the TRX Suspenion Training Equipment?

Thankfully it is very easy to purchase  - Amazon sells the TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack for under $200. Think about how much money you can save by having this full-body work out. And it's convenient - it's good to use at home or at work, as it uses your body weight and gravity! 

This TRX package is getting rave reviews on Amazon, with 4 1/2 stars out of five.

Another good alternative is the LifelineUSA XT Jungle Gym. It has just as good of reviews as the TRX system, and costs less - under $100.

TRXCredit: healthsportblog.wordpress.comAre you wondering, 'how do I do the TRX workout?' There is a great video review on Amazon which also shows you how to use the TRX system -check out the LifelineUSA link above to see it.

While these workouts are sure to give your muscles a beating, remember that diet is still very important to your fitness goals. No workout or bodybuilding supplement will ever magically put you in better shape - that is up to you!

I hope you enjoyed this article on the TRX suspension training workout. Best of luck achieving your workout goals!