Tivo is a DVR (digital video recorder) that offers a range of functions that make recording, viewing and storing television shows easy.  The device is a set top box plugged into your television and is configured to your Internet connection so it has access to a live version of the channel guides.

Fast Forward, Pause and Rewind
With the use of the remote control you can pause and rewind live tv, and also fast forward if you are watching a prerecorded show.  This allows you to skip the advertisements and watch the content you want in a reduced amount of time.  It also allows you go and do something else without missing anything.

Record Single Episodes
With Tivo you can record a show, such as a movie, by viewing the guide and pressing record.  You can also search the entire guide by category to find shows you are interested in.  By recording shows you can watch them when you like, this is especially beneficial for late night or during the day when you are at work.

Season Pass
With the season pass option you are able to automatically record every episode or show you like without having to set the recording each time the show is on.  Even if the show changes time slot Tivo will still record the show when aired.

Other than selecting a show to create a season pass you can also create a favourite item.  This may be for a specific actor or sport you like, or it can be a keyword such a city, and any show contain this information in the guide will be recorded.

Other than then the recording you specify Tivo has a suggestions area where shows are recorded that that Tivo thinks you will like.  This is determined by the characteristics of the shows you specifically record, and also from the use of the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on the remote control that you can press when watching at anytime.

Storage Options
The Tivo comes with an inbuilt hard drive.  The latest models store up to 1 TB which holds about 150 hours of viewing.  Each recording can use the default or customised storage settings.  The default settings will retain the recording until the space on the hard drive is filled and then automatically delete recordings allowing the new content to continue to record.  The default season pass settings will store up to 5 episodes of the show you are recording.

The settings can all be changed so you can permanently keep the shows you want or keep fewer episode of other shows.  For example if you have a season pass for the nightly news you may set it up to only keep the latest episode as even if you have not seen previous episodes you only want to be advised of the most recent news.

Where to buy
Tivo can be purchased a department stores and also online at Amazon.  Check which Tivo device is right for your area and requirements.