Just what is translucent powder? Well, translucent powder is a cosmetic product that usually consist of a finely milled powder based makeup. The cosmetic structure comes in the form of a loose powder, but it can also be found in pressed powder or even a creamy based cosmetic. Some varieties of translucent powder come with a built in mill that grinds it into an even finer texture directly before application.

Translucent Powder

Translucent powder can be made of natural minerals or non-natural ingredients. Many include skin enhancing properties such as moisturizers and anti-aging. Many are available in one shade, which will go on clear. Making the product versatile to any skin color and tint. This is perfect in itself for people who tend to tan, so one product can last throughout the seasons. A great benefit! Makeup products with the label "translucent powder" are also available in some shades. Many will come in 3 different varieties for pale, medium and dark skin tones. These are only slightly tinted and can hold some value to even out, uneven skin tones.

The most common uses of this cosmetic is it's wonderful ability to control oil and shine, and it's ability to provide aid to the airbrush finish that so many women desire. It is very commonly referred to as a cosmetic that "sets" makeup. It is the last thing on and will provide protection from wear throughout the day making the overall appearance last longer. Some varieties will provide a luminous glow, while others will not. It is also used to control shine and absorb oil. It brings the entire look together and provides a cosmetic veil, for a more perfected overall look. The cosmetic is very lightweight, which provides another great benefit. Makeup will gain the upper hand with a more polished look and feel after it's application. In short it provides protection, evens skin tones, controls shine, absorbs oil and leaves a more flawless, airbrush finish.

This form of makeup is usually applied by using a soft-bristled makeup brush, a puff or the creamier versions are applied with a more sponge like applicator. The lighter effect of the loose versions is a plus but the convenience of the moister kind is also a great benefit. Makeup products of this sort can be find at any retail store that carries beauty/makeup products. The prices vary by brand. A shopper can expect to pay anywhere from 5.00 to 100.00 for translucent powders. It should be carried along or beside the other foundation products.

After applying makeup to the face, the translucent powder should be sweep on, over the face. Avoid the eyes. It will go on clear, so there is no fear of ruining the look that has been created by using the other cosmetic products. Now there can be answers when the question is asked: Just what is translucent powder?