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This album features Vampire Weekend's very unique sound. Although they are reminiscent at times of several different performers and groups, they do maintain their own melodic identity. The ballads on this album are bright, engaging and convey a certain wistfulness which transcends the group's youthfulness and elevates their music, at times, into the sublime. Sardonic lyrics, addicting rhythms and bold harmonies characterize the album from start to finish. Many of the songs are outright invigorating.


While it is a minor point to split a hair over, although their sound is uniform and appealing, it can be uniform to the point of sounding repetitive when listening to all the tracks together. At ten tracks, it comes in lighter than other standard releases, but there are two bonus tracks available through iTunes: "Giant" and "California English: Part 2".

Full Review

Vampire Weekend is a pop-electronica band hailing from New York and Columbia University, the school the band members were all attending when they first formed. They have been described as a brainy techno-poppy rock group that has been heavily influenced by certain african rhythm traditions. They are reminiscent of some of Paul Simon's work on the album "Graceland".

Their second album "Contra" is a collection of, in its standard form, 10 of their most loved tracks, including "Campus", "Giving Up the Gun" and "Horchata". The title is said to be partly an homage to one of the band's beloved video games of the same name.

The album itself is, hands down, enjoyable through and through. It should not be missed by anyone that has yet to hear it.

In Closing

Vampire Weekend is an exciting group and is generating a lot of expectation for their so far quite bright future. Contra is a tight and very polished album from a group with a unique artistic vision and the collective talent to pull it together into one finished product.