VideoMakerFX, (VMFX), has quickly become one of my favorite tools. It allows very fast production of quality videos. The variety of production styles is amazing. While there are currently more than 200 distinct scenes available, with customizations, there is an infinite range of clips that you can produce.

What is VideoMakerFX
VideoMakerFX is a video production application. It works much like a word processor, or presentation tool, except that it produces MP4 clips. As a designer, you click on scenes that you would like to include in your video. You then customize each scene with your own text, colors, background images, and more. Some scenes may require no modifications, while others, such as your prime message, need extensive changes. Either way, the time to produce an individual scene of the final production will be quicker than you though possible.

How to Get Started
Assuming that you have already installed the application, the creation process is quite easy. The tool prompts you to create a project. This can be any name you wish and is for your own purposes. "Flower Arranging" might be a name that pertains to the final product. Next you add scenes.

There are over 200 different scenes to choose from, and at least 50 are added each month for those who subscribe to the "Prothemes" option. This is a highly recommended expenditure. Variety is important for Internet content and the complete package of over 200 scenes delivers, with more variety being added each month.

The various scenes are presented to the designer in theme packs. For example, the "Photo Showcase" allows you to create an MP4 slideshow from your own digital images. This theme offers four different styles for your images, which is only a few since other themes may have up to fifteen.

VMFX Example Clip

"Photo Showcase" Styles

Center Image Focus - Your shot is displayed in the center of the video with a blurred border. A main heading can be added below your image. The heading can have added style and animations.

Left Side Image Focus - Your picture is shown toward the left side of the MP4. The blurred border is thin on the left and thicker on the right. A main headline can be added at the bottom, with style and animation choices.

Poloroid Style Image - Your picture is displayed in a stylized photo frame that resembles the old Poloroid photographs. The border around the image is blurred. A headline is added to the picture frame, again with style and animation options.

Right Side Image Focus - Very similar to the left side except that the viewer is drawn to the right side.

In the Photo Showcase theme, you may include either your own available shots or you can choose from a library of included images. VideoMakerFX includes over 200 separate images that can be used with the theme.

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Using Multiple Themes

There are 57 different themes, with more being added each month. Each of the themes includes between one and 22 scenes. Any slide in the final product can be based on any scene from any theme. While some of the themes are supplied as a story sequences of slides, the slides can be used in any way desired. As the designer, you can choose the first slide of one theme, follow up with the final slide of a different theme, and finish with the middle slide from yet another theme. The layout is provided as a suggested sequence but the designing choices are left to you.

Using Included Video
Virtually anywhere that VideoMakerFX allows the use of images, the designer can include moving images. Using various styling techniques, you can add action oriented backgrounds which complement the foreground messages. Care must be taken with this process, however, as the final viewer experience could be overpowering. Still, the option is provided. Previous tools that performed this type of action were far more complicated, and expensive.

Cost of the Application
VMFX is a relative bargain compared to other production applications. The core engine is extremely reasonable, considering the features provided. The introductory level includes 35 different themes with 240 separate scenes. Image, animation, dynamic text, and more, scenes are provided. It also includes twenty background music tracks that are fully licensed for commercial use. All provided components are supplied with full personal and commercial use licenses. This allows you to create clips for your own web sites and for clients. You may sell your work to others at your own rates, with no royalties required for the transaction.

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Additional Options

As a VMFX purchaser, you are given various upgrade options that can really enhance your abilities. These include an additional package of themes and a subscription to even more themes. With the subscription, 50, or more scenes are provided each month. These add freshness to the tool. With them, your video production will be taken in new directions. Each of the new scenes is simple to use, naturally.

VMFX Support
The application includes a full year of support from a team of dedicated analysts and developers. In addition, a members only web site is provided. This portal site gives you access to the products and to a knowledge base of information. There you will find tips, frequently asked questions and training videos. There is also an active Facebook group which provides helpful information and direct access to the product designers.

What can you do with Video?
Content is vital on the Internet today and video rules everything else. Action clips get viewers' attention better than text, audio, or images. By using VideoMakerFX, you instantly enter the exciting world of video production. You can develop engaging content with ease. Using the supplied themes and scenes, you will be able to produce amazing work in a fraction of the time it used to take. In fact, using templates, you could produce excellent work in minutes. Upload to YouTube, Video, or Amazon A3. Post to your own web site, blog or Facebook page. Develop sales materials for yourself or for commercial clients. With VMFX, you can do it all.

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