In this day and age, going bald isn't so much as big of a deal as it was even just a few years ago. Virtual reality hair replacement is just one of several new treatment options to consider if you are thinning, bald or balding. Many of the most expensive treatments involve surgeries or medication, however, this is not always the case, nor is it always necessary. There are also toupees and wigs to think about, and those have gotten a lot more sheek and almost undetectable over the years as well. Of all the options you can weigh out, why would you choose virtual reality hair replacement? What sets it apart from the other choices out there?

What is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement?

Have you ever been walking down the street and noticed that someone was clearly wearing a toupee or wig? I'm sure it's happened to most of us at least once in our lives. Virtual reality hair replacement aims to eliminate the obvious look of a lot of toupees you've seen. You will likely never pass by someone in the street and think to yourself, "that guy is obviously using virtual reality hair replacement; he's not fooling anyone." This is because the name of the treatment does a pretty good job of entailing it's final outcome. What winds up getting put on the bald man's head looks "virtually real" so there is almost no way to tell whether or not it's natural, a toupee, wig, or even grafted.

After finding a place that offers virtual reality hair replacement, you can usually pick and choose between several different styles. The experts can create styles that look wet, spiked, curly, dry, or even slicked back. The vast array of possibilities is what makes this treatment so popular. You may have heard of it on Good Morning America or the Montel Williams Show. This just goes to show how much attention this new concept is receiving, and it could very well be for good reason.

How Much Does Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Cost?

As with any kind of treatment you choose to use for your case of balding, the costs will vary depending on several factors, including your location, how much you need, what style you want, and several other small semantics that may vary. In order to find out the actual cost of virtual reality hair replacement, it would be best to schedule a free consultation with an expert in the field. In most cases, this treatment is actually surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to grafts, medications, or surgery. A big plus about it is that it may end up costing less in the long run when compared to other treatments as well, because of the low maintenance needed after everything's all done.

Where Do I Go to Get Virtual Reality Hair Replacement Done?

The great part about answering this question is that there are no doctors of any sort to mention. The bad part about it is that since virtual reality hair replacement is still in its infancy (as of the date of this article, anyway), the amount of places that offer it are still relatively low.

There are many resources available online to help you find out where you need to go, depending on where you live. Luckily, you just need to find a salon. Just a salon; no prescription, no surgery, no doctor. There are several salons worldwide that deal with virtual reality hair replacement, so just check out some online resources and see if you can find a salon in or near your area.

One place worth mentioning is called the DJC Salon. This salon has a great reputation and has handled a plethora of cases ranging from men who are completely bald, to women who are just beginning to show signs of significant thinning. The DJC Salon has a virtual reality hair replacement expert by the name of David Contreras. He has worked with dozens of people and specializes in Virtuesse for both men and women. If you live in the area of Austin, Texas and happened to be reading this, here is the contact information to help you get started:

DJC Salon & David Contreras are now located in The Beauty Store Salon & Spa

10710 Research Blvd. Suite 110
Austin, TX 78759

(512) 401-0352
(512) 658-1983

For everyone else outside of Texas, there are plenty of online resources available to help you find a virtual reality hair replacement salon in your area. Take advantage!

Is Virtual Reality Hair Replacement the Best Option for Me?

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, nowadays you just have so many more options to consider if you are balding. The best idea is to weigh your options and find out all of the pros and cons of each. For some people, grafting may be the most practical decision; while others may be better suited with toupees or virtual reality hair replacement.

There are also some rumblings that perhaps this method is a bit over-hyped. Many blogs have pointed out the great lengths some of these companies have gone to "prove" how effective they are. Before and after pictures of satisfied customers are often used as a gimmick. However, these pictures are so outrageously corny that one may get the impression that they have been doctored. The pictures used to hype up virtual reality hair replacement are deceiving and taken in a way that exaggerates the final outcome. You could chalk this up to cliche marketing, or a red flag to stay away, it's up to you.

One thing to keep in mind is that you could always schedule a free consultation at a salon and find out more specific details regarding your case. Since it's free, it's worth a shot and you might end up learning that virtual reality hair replacement is actually what you have been waiting for all these years. It never hurts to do some research on it and educate yourself as much as possible before making your decision. With all the great treatments available out there, there's no reason you can't find one that's right for you, whether it's grafting, medication, a toupee, or virtual reality hair replacement!