There is no free lunch in this world. The same goes with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. The free VoIP calls have never been free of cost fully. More often than not, the objective is not to provide entirely free calls for all destinations, but to encourage the VoIP operator usage that is the most suitable for one. If you look back, you will realized that most VoIP companies only provide free phone calls made in their own network and a few of the uniquely chosen destination. Once you start making calls out of their designated network, you will be charged. This is the strategy implemented to draw users to the 'talk for free' promotion and the need to buy credits in order to make payable calls to other destinations.

There a number of choices that one can make for the preferred VoIP service.

Firstly, there are the direct PC to PC connections, PC to mobile phone connections or even PC to landline connections. This is the most usual method of using VoIP as it only needs the VoIP software. One of the most famous free VoIP services used here is Skype. Skype allows free of charge conversations among other Skype users. Subsequently, it will be chargeable if calls are made to landlines or cellular phones. Another VoIP services that offer free calls made to landlines is Raketu. It does not only cater for 42 countries but provides live video television as well. The disadvantage side of this service is that it requires one to pay up front before utilizing their service. On the other hand, voipCheap permits one to make non-chargeable calls to computers and regular landlines. However, the drawback is it is only limited to 300 minutes of talk time per week and per IP address too. After the limit has been exceeded, one will have to start paying for the service.

Secondly, one can obtain the free VoIP services from landline or mobile phone connections that are routed to the Internet. Service from Jajah enables one to make free phone calls to either landlines or mobile phones for selected countries. Furthermore, there is the YouFon service provider where it will route calls from the Nokia E-Series phone to the Internet. It also allows you to call other registered YouFon users for free with a small sum of monthly fee.

Thirdly, the more advance technology used by the VoIP service is establishing a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection between the VoIP phones directly and Internet Protocol (IP). Ooma is known to cater this service for users residing within US. It is called the peer-to-peer VoIP technology. Users can make free phone calls from within US only and they provide a limit up to 3000 minutes of talk time. The only thing that involves cost is the purchase of the specify device.